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Generate KML (MtHoodViewer/HazardLyrs)

Document Name:
    Flood & Channel Migration Hazards(0)
      Channel migration hazard zone (100-year)(1)
      Flood hazard zone (25-year)(2)
      Flood hazard zone (500-year)(3)
    Landslide Hazards(4)
      Large, deep-seated landslide Inventory(5)
      Debris flow deposit Inventory(6)
      Steep slope hazard zone(7)
    Volcano Hazards(8)
      Proximal hazard zones(9)
      Lahar hazard zone (10-year)(10)
      Lahar hazard zone (100-year)(11)
      Lahar hazard zone (500- to 1,000-year)(12)
      Lahar hazard zone (1,000- to 10,000-year)(13)
      Lahar hazard zone (100,000-year)(14)
    Earthquake Hazards(15)
      Historic earthquake epicenter (1896-2008)(16)
      Fault hazard zones (1/4 mile buffer active faults)(17)
      Liquefaction hazard zone(18)
      Shaking hazard zone (500-year)(19)
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Each layer as a separate image
Vector layers as vectors and raster layers as images