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Mount Hood Coordination Plan

Mount Hood Coordination Plan (June 2013 update)
Mt. Hood as seen from downtown Portland.
Oregon Emergency Management and Washington Emergency Management Department have been working with several local jurisdictions to develop an updated Mount Hood Coordination Plan since the original volcanic plan for that area was created in the early 1980's. The plan is intended to provide vital Mount Hood volcanic event preparedness, response and recovery information that will greatly enhance the hazard planning efforts of 4 Oregon counties, 2 Washington counties and the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs and multiple state and Federal agencies. The Plan supports and complements local response plans, the Oregon State Emergency Management Plan, and the Washington State Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan.

The Mount Hood Coordination Plan is an important element in a coordinated effort to enhance the regions preparedness for emergencies and disasters which is envisioned to extend to all volcanoes in the Cascades. This plan embraces the philosophy and vision of a Disaster Resistant State and will empower local communities to minimize the impacts of volcanic activity on people, property, the environment and the economy of the Pacific Northwest.

This downloadable document represents the final plan that has been adopted by local and state governments.

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