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Flooding in Oregon


Flooding is a widespread, common, and costly natural hazard for Oregon. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) identifies 251 communities in Oregon as flood prone, including locations in all 36 counties, 212 cities, and 3 tribal nations.

The Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) offers a number of services to:

  • Identify and provide awareness of flood-related hazards
  • Target mitigation projects to reduce flood risk
  • Improve hazard mitigation, comprehensive, and climate change resilience planning
example BFE determination

DOGAMI now offers base flood elevation determinations

Our precise, cost-effective, timely services are recognized as authoritative by FEMA for its National Flood Insurance Program. Learn more.

channel migration hazard map Coos County

Mapping Migration

Streams naturally move over time in a gradual process known as channel migration. But during flood events, significant migration can happen quickly. Channel migration has been overlooked in traditional flood insurance mapping–but DOGAMI’s new generation of maps identify the hazard. Learn more.

1996 Wilson River landslide; credit: ODOT

Flooding and Landslides

Intense rain can trigger landslides. Oregon can expect future flooding to be accompanied by thousands of landslides. Land that has slid once tends to slide again, so knowing where landslides have occurred in the past is critical to understanding and reducing landslide risks of today. Learn more about landslide hazards, and what you can do to be aware and prepare.



(last updated 12/23/2016)

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