Oil & Gas Permits and Production Information

(last updated 05/17/2017)

Disclaimer: Production listed is as reported to DOGAMI by the permit holder.

Oil & Gas Permits Spreadsheet (last updated 05/15/2017)

Mist Gas Field

The Mist Gas Field located in Columbia County has been of significant economic importance to Columbia County and the State. The field has produced over 65 billion cubic feet of gas since its discovery in 1979 with a value of about $125 million. The State applies a severance tax of 6% on the gas production which goes to the common school fund. Exploration wells continue to be drilled at the Mist Gas Field each year and the use of modern seismic technology is used to continue to discovery new pools at the field.

All regulatory aspects of oil and gas drilling activity at Mist Gas Field and throughout the State is handled by the oil and gas regulatory program. Enforcement of rules at Mist Gas Field has been successfully handled including spacing and other issues arising at the field.

Mist Gas Field now includes two underground natural gas storage projects which are also regulated by the oil and gas regulatory program. The natural gas storage projects are of economic benefit to users of natural gas in the State and also provide gas delivery capacity through several pipelines from the Mist Gas Field.


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