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Publication Preview

Publication: IMS-35
(NW, NE, SE, and SW quarter-quadrangle plates and overview plate of the Linnton 7.5' quadrangle; 1:8,000 scale; 1:16,000 scale overview plate)

Individual plates (Plates 1-4: 36 x 42 inches; Plate 5: 30 x 42 inches).

Preview tabloid-size version of quadrangle overview map (975 KB PDF).

Interpretive Map 35, Landslide inventory maps of the Linnton quadrangle, Multnomah and Washington Counties, Oregon, by William J. Burns, Ian P. Madin, Katherine A. Mickelson, and Marina C. Drazba

The IMS-35 CD contains the four quarter quadrangles that comprise the Linnton 7.5' quad, an overview plate that shows all four quarter quadrangles together, a geodatabase, metadata for the GIS files, and a readme.txt file. The CD also contains:

Special Paper 42 cover page Special Paper 42, Protocol for inventory mapping of landslide deposits from light detection and ranging (lidar) imagery, by William J. Burns and Ian P. Madin -- included to provide background on how the landslide inventory data were prepared
Understanding Landslide Deposits Fact Sheet DOGAMI Fact Sheet: "Understanding Landslide Deposit Maps"

NW quarter of Linnton quad

NE quarter of Linnton quad

SE quarter of Linnton quad

SW quarter of Linnton quad

Overview of Linnton quad