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Publication Preview

Open-File Report O-11-04, Physiographic map of Lava Butte, Deschutes County, Oregon, by Rachel Lyles.

Lidar-based map; actual size 36 x 60 inches.

Order publication CD, $15, CD-ROM, from Nature of the Northwest. CD-ROM includes PDF map plate at 300-dpi, 150-dpi, and 72-dpi resolutions.
Order plotted map plate, $40.
Order plotted, laminated map plate, $60.

map view of DOGAMI Open-File Report O-11-04: Physiographic map of Lava Butte, Deschutes County, Oregon

The lidar data used to create this map were collected from a light aircraft carrying a highly accurate laser scanner. The scanner makes over 100,000 measurements each second to build up a three-dimensional "point cloud" model of the surface of the earth and the vegetation and structures on it. A computer sorts the points, separating those that measure the ground from those that measure trees and buildings. Images derived from these sets of points are then merged with other forms of digital data to create this map. The inset maps of Lava Butte show a 3D perspective with derivative lidar products and orthophotos.

The Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) has been collecting lidar data in Oregon since 2006. The goal is to cover the entire state as funding for the data collection becomes available. You can learn more about lidar and view lidar images of other parts of Oregon at: