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What is the Geothermal Information Layer, release 2, for Oregon?

With the GTILO-2 web map you can view information on location, temperature, and other features of thermal springs and wells (geothermal exploration, geothermal test, and water wells) as well as direct-use areas. GTILO-2 data are currently accessible as ArcGIS Viewer for Flex interactive map data, Excel spreadsheets, compressed (zipped) .shp files including metadata, and PDFs.

What do I need to use the map viewer?

To view the map, your browser must have Adobe Flash Player and must allow cookies. The map will run on the Macintosh operating system, but users of Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) will need to obtain a Flash-enabled, third-party browser such as Skyfire or Puffin. Note that DOGAMI does not endorse any particular third-party software.

Help Using the Map
Background Information
Download GTILO-2 Geothermal Data
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example GTILO map image

View GTILO-2 map plate PDF (74 x 54 inches; 96-dpi, 8 MB).