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Eagle Rock off Ore. Hwy. 380 (Post-Paulina Hwy.), 15 miles southeast of Prineville
• 541-447-6304 - Although this site has a reputation for difficult digging because of the rough terrain, rockhounds who search the base of the rimrock area may be rewarded with fine specimens of dendrites and agates.
Green Jasper off U.S. Hwy. 26, 30 miles northeast of Prineville
• 541-447-6304 - As its name implies, green jasper is what you´ll find here, but it is scarce. You´ll have to work for your prizes.
Limb Cast Area off Ore. Hwy. 380 (Post-Paulina Hwy.), 65 miles southeast of Prineville
• 541-447-6304 - Limb casts tinged in white, green and pink draw rockhounds to this area, which includes a total of seven different mining sites.
Maury Mountain off Ore. Hwy. 380 (Post-Paulina Hwy.), 40 miles southeast of Prineville
• 541-416-6500 - There are four separate public mining claims in this area, which is known for its yellow, green and moss agates.

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