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What is the DOGAMI Lidar Data Viewer?

This interactive map allows you to view lidar data shaded-relief imagery for Oregon at zoom scales to 1:9,028.

The DOGAMI lidar data viewer map uses 9-ft bare earth hillshade imagery based on a remote sensing technique similar to radar that uses light pulses instead of radio waves. Lidar is typically “flown” or collected from planes and rapidly produces a large collection of very dense and accurate elevation points (up to 500,000 per second) over a large area. As lidar imagery becomes available, it is added to this map.

What do I need to use the map viewer?

To view the map, your browser must have Adobe Flash Player and must allow cookies. The map will run on the Macintosh operating system, but users of Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) will need to obtain a Flash-enabled, third-party browser such as Skyfire or Puffin. Note that DOGAMI does not endorse any particular third-party software.

How do I download lidar data?

All published lidar data quadrangles (LDQs) are available for download as .zip files. In the Map Layers window, click on the "Downloadable Lidar" layer, and then click on the quad you’re interested in, which will pop up a link to download the LDQ. What’s included in the LDQ .zip file is outlined here.

How do I get OLC lidar data collected outside Oregon?
DOGAMI provides a copy of Washington and Idaho lidar to the Washington and Idaho lidar consortiums; please contact them directly.

What if I am asked to sign in when I try to view the map?

You do not need to sign in to view the map or to download data. If you see a Sign In screen, you probably need to clear your browser's cache and history, then restart the browser.

Map Tool Help
Additional Resources, including Lidar Data Aquisition Reports
Lidar Publications

DOGAMI Lidar Data Distribution Policy (PDF)

current status of LDQ mapping


12/2015 - Project Area layer added. Quickly see which areas of Oregon are being mapped.

09/2015 - all LDQ publications now available for download. Click on LDQ quads on the map or use the Search tool to download .zip files. Note: These .zip file are very large: 300 MB to 3.8 GB.