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Lidar Collection and Mapping


Jacob Edwards, Lidar Project and Database Coordinator
(971) 673-1557

Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries
800 NE Oregon St., Suite 965
Portland, OR 97232

The Portland Lidar Consortium comprises numerous state, Federal, and local government agencies (see list below) that are working together to obtain light detection and ranging (lidar) data over portions of Clatsop, Tillamook, Washington, Clackamas, Multnomah, Hood River, Marion, and Yamhill counties in Northwestern Oregon (see figure below). The Consortium is coordinated by the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries at the request of the U.S. Geological Survey and is working through the Puget Sound Lidar Consortium (PSLC), which has a standing contract with a lidar acquisition vendor (Watershed Sciences Inc.). The Oregon Department of Forestry is running a companion survey through PSLC.

Portland Lidar Consortium Participating Agencies

Participant Contrib. Contact Phone Email
USGS Urban Corridor $83,350 Ray Wells 650-329-4933
USGS Landslide $74,000 Jeff Coe 303 273-8606
USGS NEHRP $100,000 Craig Weaver 206-553-0627
METRO $203,925 Richard Bolen 503-797-1582
USFS Cloyd $5,700 Courtney Cloyd 503-808-2705
USFS Golden $5,000 Michael Golden 503-808-2324
City of Silverton $5,225 Sue DeVore 503-874-2211
City of Hood River $2,090 Dave Bick 541-387-5200
Hood River County $36,053 Mike Schrankel 541-387-7104
Oregon Department of Transportation $58,000 Paul Wirfs 503-986-3526
US Bureau of Land Management $5,700 Susan Nelson 503-808-6139
Oregon Department of Transportation Region 1 $9,000 Thomas Picco 503-731-8230
City of Canby $3,658 John R. Williams 503-266-7001
USGS NGA $200,000 Nancy Tubbs 503-251-3210
Port of Portland $3,800 Thomas Priebe 503-460-4547
Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries Coordinator   Ian Madin 971-673-1542
Total $795,501      

aerial extents of LIDAR surveys by Portland LIDAR Consortium, Oregon Department of Forestry, and other existing LIDAR surveys
2006-2007 Portland LIDAR Consortium Survey in green, companion ODF survey yellow, existing data blue.

Detailed Survey Area Map for the Portland Lidar Consortium 2007 Survey (356 PDF)
Survey Statement of Work with Specifications (393 KB PDF)
Current Status of the Survey (May 27, 2009) (461 KB PDF)

Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries
800 NE Oregon Street, Suite 965, Portland, OR 97232-2162
(971) 673-1555, FAX (971) 673-1562
email us at DOGAMI