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Statewide Seismic Needs Assessment Using Rapid Visual Screening (RVS) [Senate Bill 2 (2005)]

Statewide Seismic Needs Assessment Home

Click on a county to view a list of all screened sites for that county and link to individual site summary PDFs.

Baker Douglas Lake Sherman
Benton Gilliam Lane Tillamook
Clackamas Grant Lincoln Umatilla
Clatsop Harney Linn Union
Columbia Hood River Malheur Wallowa
Coos Jackson Marion Wasco
Crook Jefferson Morrow Washington
Curry Josephine Multnomah Wheeler
Deschutes Klamath Polk Yamhill


Clackamas County Sites -- Listed by City, then Facility Type, then Facility Name

CityFacility TypeFacility NameSite ID
BeavercreekSchoolBeavercreek Elementary SchoolClac_sch41
BeavercreekFire - RFPDCCFD Fire Station 10 BeavercreekClac_fir14
BeavercreekFire - RFPDCCFD Fire Station 13 ClarkesClac_fir04
BeavercreekFire - RFPDCCFD Fire Station 14 HighlandClac_fir28
BoringSchoolBoring Middle School - Old GymClac_sch34
BoringSchoolDamascus Middle SchoolClac_sch98
BoringSchoolKelso Elementary SchoolClac_sch35
BoringSchoolNaas Elementary SchoolClac_sch89
BoringFire - RFPDBoring Fire ProtectionClac_fir22
BrightwoodFire - RFPDHoodland RFPD 74Clac_fir31
CanbySchoolAckerman Middle SchoolClac_sch54
CanbySchoolCanby High SchoolClac_sch66
CanbySchoolCecile Trost Elementary SchoolClac_sch76
CanbySchoolHoward Eccles Elementary SchoolClac_sch55
CanbySchoolWilliam Knight Elementary SchoolClac_sch53
CanbyPolice - CityCanby Police DeptClac_pol08
CanbyFire - RFPDCanby Fire District 62Clac_fir39
CanbyFire - RFPDCanby Fire District 62Clac_fir48
ClackamasSchoolClackamas Elementary SchoolClac_sch16
ClackamasSchoolClackamas High SchoolClac_sch27
ClackamasSchoolOregon Trail Elementary SchoolClac_sch75
ClackamasSchoolSunnyside Elementary SchoolClac_sch22
ClackamasSchoolSunrise Middle SchoolClac_sch25
ClackamasHospitalKaiser Sunnyside Medical CenterClac_hos03
ClackamasFire - RFPDCCFD Fire Station 8 ClackamasClac_fir11
ClackamasFire - RFPDCCFD Fire Station 8 ClackamasClac_fir12
ClackamasCounty SheriffClackamas County Sheriffs OfficeClac_pol04
ColtonSchoolColton Elementary SchoolClac_sch39
ColtonSchoolColton High SchoolClac_sch40
ColtonSchoolColton Middle SchoolClac_sch96
ColtonFire - RFPDColton RFPDClac_fir38
ColtonFire - RFPDColton RFPDClac_fir41
DamascusFire - RFPDBoring Fire District 59Clac_fir46
Eagle CreekSchoolEagle Creek Elementary SchoolClac_sch58
Eagle CreekFire - RFPDBoring Fire District 59Clac_fir47
EstacadaSchoolClackamas River Elementary SchoolClac_sch59
EstacadaSchoolEstacada High SchoolClac_sch62
EstacadaSchoolEstacada Junior High SchoolClac_sch61
EstacadaSchoolRiver Mill Elementary SchoolClac_sch60
EstacadaFire - RFPDEstacada RFPDClac_fir19
EstacadaFire - RFPDEstacada RFPDClac_fir50
GladstoneSchoolGladstone High SchoolClac_sch64
GladstoneSchoolJohn Wetten Elementary SchoolClac_sch63
GladstoneSchoolWalter L Kraxberger Middle SchoolClac_sch90
GladstonePolice - CityGladstone Police DepartmentClac_pol09
GladstoneFire - CityGladstone FireClac_fir40
GladstoneFire - CityGladstone FireClac_fir44
Government CampPolice - StateOSP - Government CampClac_pol01
Government CampFire - RFPDHoodland RFPD 74Clac_fir30
HubbardSchoolNinety-One SchoolClac_sch56
Lake OswegoSchoolBryant Elementary SchoolClac_sch03
Lake OswegoSchoolForest Hills Elementary SchoolClac_sch04
Lake OswegoSchoolHallinan Elementary SchoolClac_sch05
Lake OswegoSchoolLake Grove Elementary SchoolClac_sch06
Lake OswegoSchoolLake Oswego Junior High SchoolClac_sch10
Lake OswegoSchoolLake Oswego Senior High SchoolClac_sch12
Lake OswegoSchoolLakeridge High SchoolClac_sch13
Lake OswegoSchoolOak Creek Elementary SchoolClac_sch74
Lake OswegoSchoolPalisades Elementary SchoolClac_sch69
Lake OswegoSchoolRiver Grove Elementary SchoolClac_sch07
Lake OswegoSchoolUplands Elementary SchoolClac_sch08
Lake OswegoSchoolWaluga Junior High SchoolClac_sch11
Lake OswegoSchoolWestridge Elementary SchoolClac_sch09
Lake OswegoFire - CityLake Oswego Fire DepartmentClac_fir06
Lake OswegoFire - CityLake Oswego Fire DepartmentClac_fir07
Lake OswegoFire - CityLake Oswego Fire DepartmentClac_fir21
Lake OswegoFire - CityLake Oswego Fire DepartmentClac_fir23
Lake OswegoEOC-Public Safety Answering Point - CityLake Oswego Police DeptClac_pol02
MilwaukieSchoolAlder Creek Middle SchoolClac_sch83
MilwaukieSchoolArdenwald Elementary SchoolClac_sch14
MilwaukieSchoolBilquist Elementary SchoolClac_sch15
MilwaukieSchoolCampbell Elementary SchoolClac_sch87
MilwaukieSchoolCandy Lane Elementary SchoolClac_sch42
MilwaukieSchoolConcord Elementary SchoolClac_sch17
MilwaukieSchoolJennings Lodge Elementary SchoolClac_sch45
MilwaukieSchoolLewelling Elementary SchoolClac_sch88
MilwaukieSchoolLinwood Elementary SchoolClac_sch19
MilwaukieSchoolMilwaukie Elementary SchoolClac_sch20
MilwaukieSchoolMilwaukie High SchoolClac_sch28
MilwaukieSchoolNew Urban High SchoolClac_sch94
MilwaukieSchoolOak Grove ElementaryClac_sch81
MilwaukieSchoolPutnam High SchoolClac_sch29
MilwaukieSchoolRiverside Elementary SchoolClac_sch21
MilwaukieSchoolRowe Middle SchoolClac_sch26
MilwaukieSchoolView Acres Elementary SchoolClac_sch23
MilwaukieSchoolWhitcomb Elementary SchoolClac_sch86
MilwaukieSchoolWichita Elementary SchoolClac_sch24
MilwaukieHospitalProvidence Milwaukie HospitalClac_hos02
MilwaukieFire - RFPDCCFD Fire Station 1 Town CenterClac_fir09
MilwaukieFire - RFPDCCFD Fire Station 2 MilwaukieClac_fir26
MilwaukieFire - RFPDCCFD Fire Station 3 Oak LodgeClac_fir27
MilwaukieFire - RFPDCCFD Fire Station 4 Lake RoadClac_fir08
MilwaukieCommunity CollegeCCC HarmonyClac_coc02
MolallaSchoolMolalla Elementary SchoolClac_sch32
MolallaSchoolMolalla High SchoolClac_sch68
MolallaSchoolMolalla River Middle SchoolClac_sch33
MolallaSchoolRural Dell Elementary SchoolClac_sch57
MolallaPolice - CityMolalla Police DepartmentClac_pol10
MolallaFire - RFPDMolalla RFPD 73Clac_fir17
MolallaFire - RFPDMolalla RFPD 73Clac_fir18
Mount AngelSchoolButte Creek Elementary SchoolClac_sch99
MulinoSchoolClarkes Elementary SchoolClac_sch95
MulinoSchoolMulino Elementary SchoolClac_sch52
MulinoFire - RFPDMolalla RFPD 73Clac_fir16
Oregon CitySchoolCarus SchoolClac_sch31
Oregon CitySchoolGaffney Lane Elementary SchoolClac_sch44
Oregon CitySchoolGardiner Middle SchoolClac_sch49
Oregon CitySchoolHolcomb Elementary SchoolClac_sch43
Oregon CitySchoolJohn McLoughlin Elementary SchoolClac_sch91
Oregon CitySchoolKing Elementary SchoolClac_sch46
Oregon CitySchoolMt Pleasant Elementary SchoolClac_sch47
Oregon CitySchoolOgden Middle SchoolClac_sch50
Oregon CitySchoolOregon City Senior High SchoolClac_sch51
Oregon CitySchoolPark Place Elementary SchoolClac_sch48
Oregon CitySchoolRedland Elementary SchoolClac_sch65
Oregon CityPolice - CityOregon City Police DepartmentClac_pol11
Oregon CityHospitalWillamette Falls Hospital - Oregon CityClac_hos04
Oregon CityFire - RFPDCCFD Fire Station 11 RedlandClac_fir25
Oregon CityFire - RFPDCCFD Fire Station 12 LoganClac_fir24
Oregon CityFire - RFPDCCFD Fire Station 15 John AdamsClac_fir35
Oregon CityFire - RFPDCCFD Fire Station 16 HilltopClac_fir36
Oregon CityFire - RFPDCCFD Fire Station 17 South EndClac_fir51
Oregon CityFire - RFPDCCFD Fire Station 9 HolcombClac_fir29
Oregon CityCounty Sheriff-EOC-Public Safety Answering PointClackamas County - EOCClac_eoc02
Oregon CityCounty SheriffClackamas County Peace OfficeClac_pol05
Oregon CityCounty SheriffClackamas County Sheriff's OfficeClac_pol03
Oregon CityCommunity CollegeArt CenterClac_coc01
Oregon CityCommunity CollegeBarlow HallClac_coc09
Oregon CityCommunity CollegeBill Brod Community CenterClac_coc13
Oregon CityCommunity CollegeClairmont HallClac_coc11
Oregon CityCommunity CollegeDeJardin HallClac_coc15
Oregon CityCommunity CollegeDye Learning CenterClac_coc03
Oregon CityCommunity CollegeFamily Res. CenterClac_coc04
Oregon CityCommunity CollegeGregory ForumClac_coc05
Oregon CityCommunity CollegeMcLoughlin HallClac_coc12
Oregon CityCommunity CollegeNiemeyer CenterClac_coc16
Oregon CityCommunity CollegePauling Center - SouthClac_coc10
Oregon CityCommunity CollegeRandall HallClac_coc14
Oregon CityCommunity CollegeRoger Rook HallClac_coc17
Oregon CityCommunity CollegeStreeter HallClac_coc06
Oregon CityCommunity CollegeTraining CenterClac_coc07
PortlandSchoolHappy Valley Elementary SchoolClac_sch18
PortlandSchoolMount Scott Elementary SchoolClac_sch70
PortlandSchoolSojourner SchoolClac_sch97
PortlandSchoolSpring Mountain Elementary SchoolClac_sch80
PortlandFire - RFPDCCFD Fire Station 6 Happy ValleyClac_fir13
SandySchoolCedar Ridge Middle SchoolClac_sch38
SandySchoolFirwood Elementary SchoolClac_sch37
SandySchoolSandy Grade SchoolClac_sch36
SandySchoolSandy High School - FrazierClac_sch67
SandyPolice - CitySandy Police DeptClac_pol07
SandyFire - RFPDSandy FFPD 72Clac_fir37
SandyFire - RFPDSandy FFPD 72Clac_fir42
SandyFire - RFPDSandy FFPD 72Clac_fir43
TualatinHospitalLegacy Meridian Park HospitalClac_hos01
WelchesSchoolWelches Elementary SchoolClac_sch30
WelchesSchoolWelches Middle SchoolClac_sch78
WelchesFire - RFPDHoodland RFPD 74Clac_fir05
West LinnSchoolAthey Creek Middle SchoolClac_sch73
West LinnSchoolBolton Primary SchoolClac_sch82
West LinnSchoolCedaroak Park Primary SchoolClac_sch85
West LinnSchoolRosemont Ridge Middle SchoolClac_sch79
West LinnSchoolStafford Primary SchoolClac_sch93
West LinnSchoolSunset Primary SchoolClac_sch01
West LinnSchoolWest Linn High SchoolClac_sch02
West LinnSchoolWillamette Primary SchoolClac_sch72
West LinnPolice - CityWest Linn Police DeptClac_pol06
West LinnFire - RFPDTVF & R - Station 358 RosemontClac_fir52
West LinnFire - RFPDTVF & R - Station 359 SunsetClac_fir53
West LinnFire - RFPDTVF & R - Station 57 Mountain RdClac_fir20
West LinnFire - RFPDTVF & R - Station 58 BoltonClac_fir32
West LinnFire - RFPDTVF & R - Station 59 WillametteClac_fir33
WilsonvilleSchoolBoeckman Creek Primary SchoolClac_sch71
WilsonvilleSchoolBoones Ferry Primary SchoolClac_sch84
WilsonvilleSchoolInza R Wood Middle SchoolClac_sch92
WilsonvilleSchoolWilsonville High SchoolClac_sch77
WilsonvilleFire - RFPDTVF & R - Station #56 Elligsen RdClac_fir54
WilsonvilleFire - RFPDTVF & R - Station 52 South WilsonvilleClac_fir34
WilsonvilleCommunity CollegeCCC Wilsonville CampusClac_coc08

County map (PDF) showing site locations


Statewide Seismic Needs Assessment Home

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