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Statewide Seismic Needs Assessment Using Rapid Visual Screening (RVS) [Senate Bill 2 (2005)]

Statewide Seismic Needs Assessment Home

Click on a county to view a list of all screened sites for that county and link to individual site summary PDFs.

Baker Douglas Lake Sherman
Benton Gilliam Lane Tillamook
Clackamas Grant Lincoln Umatilla
Clatsop Harney Linn Union
Columbia Hood River Malheur Wallowa
Coos Jackson Marion Wasco
Crook Jefferson Morrow Washington
Curry Josephine Multnomah Wheeler
Deschutes Klamath Polk Yamhill


Lane County Sites -- Listed by City, then Facility Type, then Facility Name

CityFacility TypeFacility NameSite ID
AlvadoreFire - RFPDLane Rural Fire RescueLane_fir18
BlachlyFire - RFPDLake Creek Fire & RescueLane_fir10
BlachlyFire - RFPDLake Creek Fire & RescueLane_fir31
BlachlyFire - RFPDLake Creek Fire & Rescue - Station 1Lane_fir32
Blue RiverFire - RFPDBlue River VFDLane_fir34
CoburgPolice - CityCoburg Police DeptLane_pol05
Cottage GroveSchoolBohemia Elementary SchoolLane_sch50
Cottage GroveSchoolCottage Grove High SchoolLane_sch53
Cottage GroveSchoolHarrison Elementary SchoolLane_sch51
Cottage GroveSchoolLincoln Middle SchoolLane_sch52
Cottage GroveHospitalCottage Grove Community HospitalLane_hos01
Cottage GroveFire - RFPDSouth Lane County F&RLane_fir29
Cottage GroveFire - RFPDSouth Lane County F&RLane_fir70
Cottage GroveEOC-Public Safety Answering Point - CityCottage Grove Police DeptLane_pol06
Cottage GroveCommunity CollegeBranch - Cottage Grove CenterLane_coc22
CreswellSchoolCreslane Elementary SchoolLane_sch90
CreswellSchoolCreswell High SchoolLane_sch49
CreswellSchoolCreswell Middle SchoolLane_sch48
CreswellFire - RFPDCreswell StationLane_fir13
CreswellFire - RFPDSouth Lane County F&RLane_fir28
CreswellCounty Sheriff-EOC-Public Safety Answering PointCreswell Sheriff's OfficeLane_pol04
DeadwoodFire - RFPDDeadwood VFDLane_fir36
DeadwoodFire - RFPDSwisshome - Deadwood RFPD Station 2Lane_fir73
DexterSchoolTrent Elementary SchoolLane_sch88
DexterFire - RFPDDexter RFPDLane_fir37
ElmiraSchoolElmira Elementary SchoolLane_sch44
ElmiraSchoolElmira High SchoolLane_sch47
ElmiraSchoolFern Ridge Middle SchoolLane_sch45
ElmiraFire - RFPDLane County Fire District 1Lane_fir11
ElmiraFire - RFPDLane County Fire District 1Lane_fir58
EugeneSchoolAdams Elementary SchoolLane_sch02
EugeneSchoolAwbrey Park Elementary SchoolLane_sch03
EugeneSchoolBertha Holt Elementary SchoolLane_sch80
EugeneSchoolCal Young Middle SchoolLane_sch04
EugeneSchoolCascade Middle SchoolLane_sch54
EugeneSchoolCesar E Chavez Elementary SchoolLane_sch79
EugeneSchoolClear Lake Elementary SchoolLane_sch55
EugeneSchoolCoburg Elementary SchoolLane_sch96
EugeneSchoolColin Kelly Middle SchoolLane_sch12
EugeneSchoolCrest Drive Elementary SchoolLane_sch05
EugeneSchoolCrow Middle/High SchoolLane_sch93
EugeneSchoolDanebo Elementary SchoolLane_sch56
EugeneSchoolEdgewood Elementary SchoolLane_sch77
EugeneSchoolEdison Elementary SchoolLane_sch06
EugeneSchoolEllis Parker Elementary SchoolLane_sch07
EugeneSchoolFairfield Elementary SchoolLane_sch57
EugeneSchoolFox Hollow French Immersion SchoolLane_sch71
EugeneSchoolGilham Elementary SchoolLane_sch08
EugeneSchoolHarris Elementary SchoolLane_sch09
EugeneSchoolHenry D Sheldon High SchoolLane_sch25
EugeneSchoolHoward Elementary SchoolLane_sch10
EugeneSchoolIrving Elementary SchoolLane_sch58
EugeneSchoolJames Madison Middle SchoolLane_sch98
EugeneSchoolJames Monroe Middle SchoolLane_sch17
EugeneSchoolJohn F Kennedy Middle SchoolLane_sch13
EugeneSchoolMalabon Elementary SchoolLane_sch59
EugeneSchoolMcCornack Elementary SchoolLane_sch15
EugeneSchoolMeadow View SchoolLane_sch78
EugeneSchoolMeadowlark Elementary SchoolLane_sch16
EugeneSchoolNorth Eugene High SchoolLane_sch24
EugeneSchoolPrairie Mountain SchoolLane_sch83
EugeneSchoolRidgeline MontessoriLane_sch91
EugeneSchoolRiver Road Elementary SchoolLane_sch18
EugeneSchoolShasta Middle SchoolLane_sch60
EugeneSchoolSouth Eugene High SchoolLane_sch26
EugeneSchoolSpencer Butte Middle SchoolLane_sch20
EugeneSchoolSpring Creek Elementary SchoolLane_sch21
EugeneSchoolTheodore Roosevelt Middle SchoolLane_sch19
EugeneSchoolThomas Jefferson Middle SchoolLane_sch11
EugeneSchoolTwin Oaks Elementary SchoolLane_sch22
EugeneSchoolVillage SchoolLane_sch82
EugeneSchoolWillagillespie Elementary SchoolLane_sch23
EugeneSchoolWillamette High SchoolLane_sch61
EugeneSchoolWinston Churchill High SchoolLane_sch27
EugeneSchoolYujin Gakuen (Japanese) SchoolLane_sch74
EugenePolice - CityEugene Police DeptLane_pol02
EugenePolice - CityEugene Police DeptLane_pol03
EugenePolice - CityEugene Police Station 1 - Monroe St StationLane_pol13
EugeneHospitalSacred Heart Medical Center - EugeneLane_hos03
EugeneFire - RFPDCoburg RFPDLane_fir33
EugeneFire - RFPDGoshen RFPDLane_fir38
EugeneFire - RFPDLane County Fire District 1Lane_fir12
EugeneFire - RFPDLane County Fire District 1Lane_fir60
EugeneFire - RFPDLane County Fire District 1Lane_fir61
EugeneFire - RFPDLane County Fire District 1Lane_fir76
EugeneFire - RFPDLane County Fire District 1Lane_fir77
EugeneFire - RFPDLane Rural Fire RescueLane_fir17
EugeneFire - RFPDLane Rural Fire RescueLane_fir19
EugeneFire - RFPDLane Rural Fire Rescue - Station 54 AlderwoodLane_fir16
EugeneFire - RFPDSanta Clara RFPDLane_fir68
EugeneFire - RFPDSanta Clara RFPDLane_fir69
EugeneFire - CityEugene Fire Station 01 DowntownLane_fir43
EugeneFire - CityEugene Fire Station 03 UniversityLane_fir44
EugeneFire - CityEugene Fire Station 05 South HillsLane_fir45
EugeneFire - CityEugene Fire Station 06 SheldonLane_fir46
EugeneFire - CityEugene Fire Station 07 BethelLane_fir47
EugeneFire - CityEugene Fire Station 08 DaneboLane_fir48
EugeneFire - CityEugene Fire Station 09 Valley RiverLane_fir49
EugeneFire - CityEugene Fire Station 10 Bailey HillLane_fir74
EugeneFire - CityEugene Fire Station 11 Santa ClaraLane_fir51
EugeneFire - CityEugene Fire Station 12 AirportLane_fir52
EugeneEOC-Public Safety Answering Point - CityEugene Fire Station 02 WhiteakerLane_fir35
EugeneCommunity College"Administration - Bldg ""F"Lane_coc05
EugeneCommunity CollegeAir TechnologyLane_coc06
EugeneCommunity CollegeAuto/Diesel TechnologyLane_coc08
EugeneCommunity CollegeBranch - Downtown CenterLane_coc19
EugeneCommunity CollegeBranch - Wildish Building / Business Development CenterLane_coc23
EugeneCommunity College"Business Technology - Bldg ""G"Lane_coc09
EugeneCommunity CollegeCampus ServicesLane_coc01
EugeneCommunity College"College Center - Bldg ""L"Lane_coc10
EugeneCommunity College"Electronics - Bldg ""H"Lane_coc11
EugeneCommunity College"Forum - Bldg ""K"Lane_coc04
EugeneCommunity College"Health Technology - Bldg ""M"Lane_coc12
EugeneCommunity College"Industrial Technology - Bldg ""D"Lane_coc13
EugeneCommunity CollegeMachine TechnologyLane_coc14
EugeneCommunity College"Mathematics & Art/GED Bldg ""Q"Lane_coc07
EugeneCommunity CollegePerforming ArtsLane_coc02
EugeneCommunity College"Physical Ed. Complex - Bldg ""N"Lane_coc03
EugeneCommunity College"Science - Bldg ""J"Lane_coc15
EugeneCommunity CollegeStudent ServicesLane_coc17
EugeneCommunity CollegeWelding TechnologyLane_coc18
EugeneCommunity CollegeWorkforce Training Center/ApprenticeshipLane_coc16
FlorenceSchoolSiuslaw Elementary SchoolLane_sch69
FlorenceSchoolSiuslaw High SchoolLane_sch70
FlorenceSchoolSiuslaw Middle SchoolLane_sch68
FlorencePolice - StateOSP - Florence PatrolLane_pol07
FlorenceHospitalPeace Harbor Hospital - FlorenceLane_hos02
FlorenceFire - RFPDCity of FlorenceLane_fir55
FlorenceFire - RFPDSiuslaw Valley F & RLane_fir14
FlorenceFire - RFPDSiuslaw Valley F & R - Station 2Lane_fir54
FlorenceFire - RFPDSiuslaw Valley F & R - Station 8Lane_fir72
FlorenceCommunity CollegeBranch - Florence CenterLane_coc20
JasperFire - RFPDPleasant Hill RFPD Station #2Lane_fir40
Junction CitySchoolJunction City High SchoolLane_sch64
Junction CitySchoolLaurel Elementary SchoolLane_sch62
Junction CitySchoolOaklea Middle SchoolLane_sch63
Junction CityFire - RFPDJunction City RFPDLane_fir23
Junction CityFire - RFPDJunction City RFPDLane_fir56
Junction CityEOC-Public Safety Answering Point - CityJunction City Police DeptLane_pol10
LeaburgFire - RFPDMckenzie Fire & RescueLane_fir26
LoraneFire - RFPDLorane RFPDLane_fir20
LowellSchoolLundy Elementary SchoolLane_sch95
LowellFire - RFPDLowell RFPDLane_fir21
MapletonFire - RFPDMapleton Fire StationLane_fir78
MarcolaSchoolMarcola Elementary SchoolLane_sch94
MarcolaFire - RFPDMohawk Valley RFDLane_fir22
Mckenzie BridgeFire - RFPDUpper Mckenzie RFPDLane_fir30
OakridgeSchoolOakridge Elementary SchoolLane_sch65
OakridgeSchoolOakridge High SchoolLane_sch67
OakridgePolice - StateOSPLane_pol08
OakridgePolice - CityOakridge Police DeptLane_pol12
OakridgeFire - CityOakridge Fire DepartmentLane_fir15
Pleasant HillSchoolPleasant Hill High SchoolLane_sch01
Pleasant HillSchoolPleasant Hill Middle SchoolLane_sch89
Pleasant HillFire - RFPDPleasant Hill RFPDLane_fir04
SpringfieldSchoolAgnes Stewart Middle SchoolLane_sch76
SpringfieldSchoolBrattain Elementary SchoolLane_sch85
SpringfieldSchoolBriggs Middle SchoolLane_sch28
SpringfieldSchoolCentennial Elementary SchoolLane_sch29
SpringfieldSchoolDouglas Gardens Elementary SchoolLane_sch30
SpringfieldSchoolElizabeth Page Elementary SchoolLane_sch31
SpringfieldSchoolGuy Lee Elementary SchoolLane_sch32
SpringfieldSchoolHamlin Middle SchoolLane_sch33
SpringfieldSchoolMaple Elementary SchoolLane_sch34
SpringfieldSchoolMoffitt Elementary SchoolLane_sch35
SpringfieldSchoolMt Vernon Elementary SchoolLane_sch37
SpringfieldSchoolRidgeview Elementary SchoolLane_sch36
SpringfieldSchoolRiverbend Elementary SchoolLane_sch75
SpringfieldSchoolSpringfield High SchoolLane_sch42
SpringfieldSchoolSpringfield Middle SchoolLane_sch38
SpringfieldSchoolThurston Elementary SchoolLane_sch39
SpringfieldSchoolThurston High SchoolLane_sch43
SpringfieldSchoolThurston Middle SchoolLane_sch40
SpringfieldSchoolWalterville Elementary SchoolLane_sch92
SpringfieldSchoolYolanda Elementary SchoolLane_sch41
SpringfieldPolice - StateOSP - Crime LabLane_pol09
SpringfieldHospitalMckenzie-Willamette Medical CenterLane_hos04
SpringfieldFire - RFPDMckenzie Fire & RescueLane_fir09
SpringfieldFire - RFPDMckenzie Fire & RescueLane_fir27
SpringfieldFire - RFPDMohawk Valley RFDLane_fir64
SpringfieldFire - RFPDMohawk Valley RFDLane_fir65
SpringfieldFire - RFPDMohawk Valley RFDLane_fir66
SpringfieldFire - RFPDMohawk Valley RFDLane_fir67
SpringfieldFire - CitySpringfield Fire Station 1Lane_fir08
SpringfieldFire - CitySpringfield Fire Station 2Lane_fir02
SpringfieldFire - CitySpringfield Fire Station 3Lane_fir07
SpringfieldFire - CitySpringfield Fire Station 4Lane_fir01
SpringfieldFire - CitySpringfield Fire Station 5Lane_fir05
SpringfieldEOC-Public Safety Answering Point - CitySpringfield Police DeptLane_pol01
SwisshomeFire - RFPDSwisshome-Deadwood RFPDLane_fir41
VenetaSchoolVeneta Elementary SchoolLane_sch46
VenetaFire - RFPDLane County Fire District 1Lane_fir03
VidaFire - RFPDMckenzie Fire & RescueLane_fir24
VidaFire - RFPDMckenzie Fire & RescueLane_fir25
WaltonFire - RFPDLane County Fire District 1 - Walton StationLane_fir59
WestfirSchoolWestridge Middle SchoolLane_sch66
WestfirFire - CityWestfir City Hall w/Attached Fire DeptLane_fir06
WestlakeFire - RFPDSiuslaw Valley F & RLane_fir71

County map (PDF) showing site locations


Statewide Seismic Needs Assessment Home

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