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Statewide Seismic Needs Assessment Using Rapid Visual Screening (RVS) [Senate Bill 2 (2005)]

Statewide Seismic Needs Assessment Home

Click on a county to view a list of all screened sites for that county and link to individual site summary PDFs.

Baker Douglas Lake Sherman
Benton Gilliam Lane Tillamook
Clackamas Grant Lincoln Umatilla
Clatsop Harney Linn Union
Columbia Hood River Malheur Wallowa
Coos Jackson Marion Wasco
Crook Jefferson Morrow Washington
Curry Josephine Multnomah Wheeler
Deschutes Klamath Polk Yamhill


Marion County Sites -- Listed by City, then Facility Type, then Facility Name

CityFacility TypeFacility NameSite ID
AumsvilleFire - RFPDAumsville RFPDMari_fir37
AumsvilleFire - CityAumsville Police DeptMari_pol14
AuroraSchoolNorth Marion High SchoolMari_sch10
AuroraSchoolNorth Marion Intermediate SchoolMari_sch08
AuroraSchoolNorth Marion Middle SchoolMari_sch09
AuroraSchoolNorth Marion Primary SchoolMari_sch71
AuroraFire - RFPDAurora RFPDMari_fir01
AuroraFire - CityAurora Police DeptMari_pol26
BrooksSchoolBrooks Elementary SchoolMari_sch47
DetroitFire - RFPDIdanha-Detroit RFPDMari_fir40
DonaldFire - RFPDAurora RFPDMari_fir06
GervaisSchoolGervais High SchoolMari_sch58
GervaisSchoolGervais Middle SchoolMari_sch48
GervaisFire - RFPDWoodburn RFPD Waconda Station OfficeMari_fir27
HubbardPolice - CityHubbard Police DeptMari_pol27
HubbardFire - RFPDHubbard RFPDMari_fir15
JeffersonSchoolJefferson Elementary SchoolMari_sch05
JeffersonSchoolJefferson High SchoolMari_sch07
JeffersonSchoolJefferson Middle SchoolMari_sch06
KeizerSchoolClaggett Creek Middle SchoolMari_sch73
KeizerSchoolClear Lake Elementary SchoolMari_sch15
KeizerSchoolCummings Elementary SchoolMari_sch16
KeizerSchoolForest Ridge Elementary SchoolMari_sch79
KeizerSchoolGubser Elementary SchoolMari_sch23
KeizerSchoolKeizer Elementary SchoolMari_sch25
KeizerSchoolKennedy Elementary SchoolMari_sch24
KeizerSchoolMcNary High SchoolMari_sch84
KeizerSchoolWeddle Elementary SchoolMari_sch74
KeizerSchoolWhiteaker Middle SchoolMari_sch43
KeizerPolice - CityKeizer Police DepartmentMari_pol29
KeizerFire - RFPDKeizer Rire DistrictMari_fir44
KeizerFire - RFPDMarion County Fire District 1Mari_fir31
LyonsFire - RFPDStayton RFPDMari_fir24
Mount AngelSchoolJohn F Kennedy High SchoolMari_sch54
Mount AngelSchoolMt Angel Middle SchoolMari_sch52
Mount AngelSchoolSt Mary's Public SchoolMari_sch53
Mount AngelPolice - CityMt Angel Police DeptMari_pol12
Mount AngelFire - CityMt Angel Fire DeptMari_fir42
SalemSchoolAuburn Elementary SchoolMari_sch11
SalemSchoolBush Elementary SchoolMari_sch96
SalemSchoolCandalaria Elementary SchoolMari_sch14
SalemSchoolCrossler Middle SchoolMari_sch66
SalemSchoolEldriedge Elementary SchoolMari_sch89
SalemSchoolEnglewood Elementary SchoolMari_sch17
SalemSchoolEyre Elementary SchoolMari_sch27
SalemSchoolFour Corners Elementary SchoolMari_sch19
SalemSchoolGrant Community SchoolMari_sch86
SalemSchoolHallman Elementary SchoolMari_sch76
SalemSchoolHammond Elementary SchoolMari_sch85
SalemSchoolHayesville Elementary SchoolMari_sch30
SalemSchoolHazel Green Elementary SchoolMari_sch91
SalemSchoolHighland Elementary SchoolMari_sch21
SalemSchoolHoover Elementary SchoolMari_sch22
SalemSchoolHouck Middle SchoolMari_sch67
SalemSchoolJudson Middle SchoolMari_sch39
SalemSchoolLamb Elementary SchoolMari_sch75
SalemSchoolLee Elementary SchoolMari_sch78
SalemSchoolLeslie Middle SchoolMari_sch95
SalemSchoolLiberty Elementary SchoolMari_sch26
SalemSchoolMcKay High SchoolMari_sch83
SalemSchoolMcKinley Elementary SchoolMari_sch82
SalemSchoolMiller Elementary SchoolMari_sch72
SalemSchoolMorningside Elementary SchoolMari_sch28
SalemSchoolNorth Salem High SchoolMari_sch44
SalemSchoolOregon School for the DeafMari_sch93
SalemSchoolParrish Middle SchoolMari_sch40
SalemSchoolPringle Elementary SchoolMari_sch31
SalemSchoolRichmond Elementary SchoolMari_sch32
SalemSchoolRobert S Farrell High SchoolMari_sch92
SalemSchoolRosedale Elementary SchoolMari_sch90
SalemSchoolSalem Heights Elementary SchoolMari_sch33
SalemSchoolSchirle Elementary SchoolMari_sch34
SalemSchoolScott Elementary SchoolMari_sch20
SalemSchoolSouth Salem High SchoolMari_sch46
SalemSchoolSprague High SchoolMari_sch45
SalemSchoolStephens Middle SchoolMari_sch68
SalemSchoolSumpter Elementary SchoolMari_sch35
SalemSchoolSwegle Elementary SchoolMari_sch36
SalemSchoolWaldo Middle SchoolMari_sch41
SalemSchoolWashington Elementary SchoolMari_sch37
SalemSchoolWright Elementary SchoolMari_sch18
SalemSchoolYoshikai Elementary SchoolMari_sch38
SalemPolice - StateOregon State Capitol BuildingMari_pol19
SalemPolice - StateOregon State PoliceMari_pol25
SalemPolice - StateOSPMari_pol17
SalemPolice - CityMarion County Sheriff's OfficeMari_pol28
SalemPolice - CitySalem City HallMari_pol30
SalemHospitalSalem HospitalMari_hos04
SalemFire - RFPDMarion County Fire District 1Mari_fir08
SalemFire - RFPDMarion County Fire District 1Mari_fir28
SalemFire - RFPDMarion County Fire District 1Mari_fir33
SalemFire - RFPDMarion County Fire District 1 - Garage - Building 2Mari_fir07
SalemFire - RFPDMarion County Fire District 1 Pratum Station #3Mari_fir30
SalemFire - RFPDMarion County Fire District 1 Station #2 Middle GroveMari_fir29
SalemFire - CitySalem Fire DepartmentMari_fir46
SalemFire - CitySalem Fire Dept - Station 01Mari_fir12
SalemFire - CitySalem Fire Dept - Station 02Mari_fir17
SalemFire - CitySalem Fire Dept - Station 03Mari_fir16
SalemFire - CitySalem Fire Dept - Station 04Mari_fir19
SalemFire - CitySalem Fire Dept - Station 06Mari_fir10
SalemFire - CitySalem Fire Dept - Station 07Mari_fir18
SalemFire - CitySalem Fire Dept - Station 08Mari_fir21
SalemFire - CitySalem Fire Dept - Station 09Mari_fir20
SalemCounty Sheriff-EOC-Public Safety Answering PointMarion County Sheriff's Office - Central DistrictMari_pol04
SalemCommunity CollegeAdmin/Classrooms (#022)Mari_coc03
SalemCommunity CollegeBldg 50 (#050)Mari_coc04
SalemCommunity CollegeBookstore/Staff (#001)Mari_coc05
SalemCommunity CollegeBranch - Northwest Viticulture CenterMari_coc14
SalemCommunity CollegeHealth Sciences (#008)Mari_coc06
SalemCommunity CollegeLearning Resource (#009)Mari_coc11
SalemCommunity CollegeMaps Credit Union (#048)Mari_coc01
SalemCommunity CollegePhase I/Classrooms (#003)Mari_coc07
SalemCommunity CollegePhase III/Counceling (#002)Mari_coc02
SalemCommunity CollegePhysical Education (#007)Mari_coc08
SalemCommunity CollegeTechnical Skills (#005)Mari_coc09
SalemCommunity CollegeTechnology Building (#006)Mari_coc12
SalemCommunity CollegeWilmeth Trade (#004)Mari_coc10
SantiamCommunity CollegeBranch - Santiam Center (#104)Mari_coc13
Scotts MillsFire - RFPDSilverton RFPDMari_fir05
Scotts MillsFire - RFPDSilverton RFPD Scotts Mills StationMari_fir04
SilvertonSchoolEugene Field Elementary SchoolMari_sch88
SilvertonSchoolMark Twain Middle SchoolMari_sch01
SilvertonSchoolRobert Frost Elementary SchoolMari_sch02
SilvertonSchoolSilverton HighMari_sch63
SilvertonSchoolSilverton High School (Schlador St Campus)Mari_sch62
SilvertonHospitalSilverton HospitalMari_hos01
SilvertonFire - RFPDDrakes Crossing RFPDMari_fir38
SilvertonFire - RFPDSilverton RFPDMari_fir09
SilvertonFire - RFPDSilverton RFPD Abiqua Station #3Mari_fir02
SilvertonFire - RFPDSilverton RFPD Victor Point Station #2Mari_fir03
St PaulFire - RFPDSt Paul RFPDMari_fir43
StaytonSchoolStayton Elementary SchoolMari_sch49
StaytonSchoolStayton High SchoolMari_sch59
StaytonSchoolStayton Middle SchoolMari_sch50
StaytonPolice - CityStayton Police DeptMari_pol13
StaytonHospitalSantiam Memorial Hospital - StaytonMari_hos02
StaytonFire - RFPDStayton RFPDMari_fir14
StaytonFire - RFPDStayton RFPDMari_fir22
SublimitySchoolSublimity Elementary SchoolMari_sch03
SublimityFire - RFPDSublimity RFPDMari_fir35
TurnerSchoolCascade Junior High SchoolMari_sch60
TurnerSchoolCascade Senior High SchoolMari_sch61
TurnerSchoolTurner Elementary SchoolMari_sch51
TurnerFire - RFPDStayton RFPDMari_fir23
TurnerFire - CityTurner Fire DeptMari_fir13
WoodburnSchoolFrench Prairie Middle SchoolMari_sch65
WoodburnSchoolHeritage ElementaryMari_sch69
WoodburnSchoolLincoln Elementary SchoolMari_sch64
WoodburnSchoolNellie Muir Elementary SchoolMari_sch55
WoodburnSchoolValor Middle SchoolMari_sch70
WoodburnSchoolWashington Elementary SchoolMari_sch56
WoodburnSchoolWilliam P Lord High SchoolMari_sch94
WoodburnSchoolWoodburn High SchoolMari_sch57
WoodburnPolice - CityWoodburn Police DeptMari_pol16
WoodburnFire - RFPDMonitor RFPD #58Mari_fir41
WoodburnFire - RFPDWoodburn RFPDMari_fir25
WoodburnFire - RFPDWoodburn RFPD Broadacres StationMari_fir26
WoodburnFire - RFPDWoodburn RFPD Station 21Mari_fir36
WoodburnCommunity CollegeBranch - Woodburn CenterMari_coc15
EOC-Confidential Location - StateSalem 911Mari_eoc01

County map (PDF) showing site locations


Statewide Seismic Needs Assessment Home

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