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Statewide Seismic Needs Assessment Using Rapid Visual Screening (RVS) [Senate Bill 2 (2005)]

Statewide Seismic Needs Assessment Home

Click on a county to view a list of all screened sites for that county and link to individual site summary PDFs.

Baker Douglas Lake Sherman
Benton Gilliam Lane Tillamook
Clackamas Grant Lincoln Umatilla
Clatsop Harney Linn Union
Columbia Hood River Malheur Wallowa
Coos Jackson Marion Wasco
Crook Jefferson Morrow Washington
Curry Josephine Multnomah Wheeler
Deschutes Klamath Polk Yamhill


Multnomah County Sites -- Listed by City, then Facility Type, then Facility Name

CityFacility TypeFacility NameSite ID
BoringSchoolDeep Creek Elementary SchoolMult_sch47
CorbettSchoolCorbett Grade SchoolMult_sch12
CorbettFire - RFPDMultnomah County RFPD 14 Aims Station #63Mult_fir46
CorbettFire - RFPDMultnomah County RFPD 14 Corbett Station #62 GarageMult_fir38
CorbettFire - RFPDMultnomah County RFPD 14 Springdale Station #61Mult_fir45
FairviewSchoolFairview Elementary SchoolMult_sch139
FairviewSchoolReynolds Learning AcademyMult_sch161
FairviewSchoolReynolds Middle SchoolMult_sch29
FairviewSchoolSalish Ponds Elementary SchoolMult_sch42
FairviewSchoolWoodland ElementaryMult_sch36
FairviewPolice - CityFairview Police AdminMult_pol12
GreshamSchoolButler Creek Elementary SchoolMult_sch41
GreshamSchoolCentennial High SchoolMult_sch11
GreshamSchoolClear Creek Middle SchoolMult_sch34
GreshamSchoolDexter McCarty Middle SchoolMult_sch128
GreshamSchoolEast Gresham Elementary SchoolMult_sch129
GreshamSchoolEast Orient Elementary SchoolMult_sch136
GreshamSchoolGordon Russell Middle SchoolMult_sch66
GreshamSchoolGresham High SchoolMult_sch26
GreshamSchoolHall Elementary SchoolMult_sch131
GreshamSchoolHighland Elementary SchoolMult_sch130
GreshamSchoolHogan Cedars Elementary SchoolMult_sch40
GreshamSchoolHollydale Elementary SchoolMult_sch132
GreshamSchoolKelly Creek Elementary SchoolMult_sch61
GreshamSchoolNorth Gresham Elementary SchoolMult_sch133
GreshamSchoolPowell Valley Elementary SchoolMult_sch134
GreshamSchoolSam Barlow High SchoolMult_sch27
GreshamSchoolSpringwater Trail High SchoolMult_sch162
GreshamSchoolWest Gresham Elementary SchoolMult_sch135
GreshamSchoolWest Orient Middle SchoolMult_sch137
GreshamPolice - CityGresham City PoliceMult_pol15
GreshamHospitalLegacy Mt. Hood Medical CenterMult_hos07
GreshamFire - CityGresham Fire Station 72 Kane RoadMult_fir03
GreshamFire - CityGresham Fire Station 73 Pleasant ViewMult_fir02
GreshamFire - CityGresham Fire Station 76 OfficeMult_fir12
GreshamCommunity CollegeAcademic CenterMult_coc06
GreshamCommunity CollegeAquatic CenterMult_coc04
GreshamCommunity CollegeBruning Center for Allied HealthMult_coc02
GreshamCommunity CollegeChild Development CenterMult_coc09
GreshamCommunity CollegeGE BuildingMult_coc11
GreshamCommunity CollegeGymnasiumMult_coc05
GreshamCommunity CollegeHorticulture and FisheriesMult_coc01
GreshamCommunity CollegeIndustrial TechnologyMult_coc03
GreshamCommunity CollegeVisual Art Center TheatreMult_coc14
GreshamCommunity CollegeWarehouse/Graphics AdditionMult_coc07
PortlandSchoolAbernethy Elementary SchoolMult_sch69
PortlandSchoolAinsworth Elementary SchoolMult_sch70
PortlandSchoolAlameda Elementary SchoolMult_sch01
PortlandSchoolAlder Elementary SchoolMult_sch138
PortlandSchoolAlice Ott Middle SchoolMult_sch22
PortlandSchoolArleta Elementary SchoolMult_sch02
PortlandSchoolAstor Elementary SchoolMult_sch03
PortlandSchoolAtkinson Elementary SchoolMult_sch04
PortlandSchoolBall Elementary SchoolMult_sch05
PortlandSchoolBeach Elementary SchoolMult_sch06
PortlandSchoolBeaumont Middle SchoolMult_sch07
PortlandSchoolBenson Polytechnic High SchoolMult_sch63
PortlandSchoolBinnsmead Middle SchoolMult_sch08
PortlandSchoolBoise/Eliot Elementary SchoolMult_sch09
PortlandSchoolBridger Elementary SchoolMult_sch10
PortlandSchoolBridlemile Elementary SchoolMult_sch21
PortlandSchoolBuckman Elementary SchoolMult_sch32
PortlandSchoolCapitol Hill Elementary SchoolMult_sch43
PortlandSchoolCentennial Middle SchoolMult_sch149
PortlandSchoolChapman Elementary SchoolMult_sch54
PortlandSchoolCherry Park Elementary SchoolMult_sch13
PortlandSchoolChief Joseph Elementary SchoolMult_sch65
PortlandSchoolClarendon Elementary SchoolMult_sch71
PortlandSchoolClark Elementary SchoolMult_sch72
PortlandSchoolCleveland High SchoolMult_sch118
PortlandSchoolCreston Elementary SchoolMult_sch73
PortlandSchoolDa Vinci Middle SchoolMult_sch57
PortlandSchoolDavid Douglas High - SouthMult_sch165
PortlandSchoolDavid Douglas High SchoolMult_sch166
PortlandSchoolDavis Elementary SchoolMult_sch143
PortlandSchoolDuniway Elementary SchoolMult_sch74
PortlandSchoolEarl Boyles ElementaryMult_sch59
PortlandSchoolFaubion Elementary SchoolMult_sch75
PortlandSchoolFernwood Middle SchoolMult_sch76
PortlandSchoolFir Ridge CampusMult_sch44
PortlandSchoolFloyd Light Middle SchoolMult_sch23
PortlandSchoolForest Park Elementary SchoolMult_sch38
PortlandSchoolFranklin High SchoolMult_sch119
PortlandSchoolGeorge Middle SchoolMult_sch77
PortlandSchoolGilbert Heights Elementary SchoolMult_sch14
PortlandSchoolGilbert Park Elementary SchoolMult_sch15
PortlandSchoolGlencoe Elementary SchoolMult_sch78
PortlandSchoolGlenfair Elementary SchoolMult_sch140
PortlandSchoolGrant High SchoolMult_sch120
PortlandSchoolGray Middle SchoolMult_sch79
PortlandSchoolGregory Heights Middle SchoolMult_sch80
PortlandSchoolGrout Elementary SchoolMult_sch81
PortlandSchoolHarold Oliver Intermediate CenterMult_sch150
PortlandSchoolHarold Oliver Primary School CenterMult_sch151
PortlandSchoolHartley Elementary SchoolMult_sch141
PortlandSchoolHauton B Lee Middle SchoolMult_sch147
PortlandSchoolHayhurst Elementary SchoolMult_sch56
PortlandSchoolHead Start SacajaweaMult_sch39
PortlandSchoolHelensview High SchoolMult_sch159
PortlandSchoolHollyrood Elementary SchoolMult_sch82
PortlandSchoolHosford Middle SchoolMult_sch83
PortlandSchoolHumboldt Elementary SchoolMult_sch84
PortlandSchoolIrvington Elementary SchoolMult_sch85
PortlandSchoolJackson Middle SchoolMult_sch30
PortlandSchoolJames John Elementary SchoolMult_sch86
PortlandSchoolKellogg Middle SchoolMult_sch87
PortlandSchoolKelly Elementary SchoolMult_sch88
PortlandSchoolKing Elementary SchoolMult_sch89
PortlandSchoolLane Middle SchoolMult_sch28
PortlandSchoolLaurelhurst Elementary SchoolMult_sch90
PortlandSchoolLee Elementary SchoolMult_sch91
PortlandSchoolLent Elementary SchoolMult_sch92
PortlandSchoolLewis Elementary SchoolMult_sch93
PortlandSchoolLincoln High SchoolMult_sch121
PortlandSchoolLincoln Park Elementary SchoolMult_sch16
PortlandSchoolLlewellyn Elementary SchoolMult_sch94
PortlandSchoolLynch Meadows Elementary SchoolMult_sch156
PortlandSchoolLynch View Elementary SchoolMult_sch152
PortlandSchoolLynch Wood Elementary SchoolMult_sch62
PortlandSchoolMadison High SchoolMult_sch122
PortlandSchoolMaplewood Elementary SchoolMult_sch95
PortlandSchoolMargaret Scott Elementary SchoolMult_sch142
PortlandSchoolMarkham Elementary SchoolMult_sch31
PortlandSchoolMarysville Elementary SchoolMult_sch96
PortlandSchoolMenlo Park Elementary SchoolMult_sch17
PortlandSchoolMetropolitan Learning CenterMult_sch123
PortlandSchoolMill Park Elementary SchoolMult_sch18
PortlandSchoolMt Tabor Middle SchoolMult_sch97
PortlandSchoolOckley Green Middle SchoolMult_sch98
PortlandSchoolParkrose High SchoolMult_sch127
PortlandSchoolParkrose Middle SchoolMult_sch126
PortlandSchoolPauling Academy of Integrated SciencesMult_sch45
PortlandSchoolPeninsula Elementary SchoolMult_sch48
PortlandSchoolPioneer Special Education ProgramMult_sch163
PortlandSchoolPioneer Special Education Program Holladay CenterMult_sch164
PortlandSchoolPleasant Valley Elementary SchoolMult_sch154
PortlandSchoolPortsmouth Middle SchoolMult_sch99
PortlandSchoolPrescott Elementary SchoolMult_sch124
PortlandSchoolPursuit of Wellness Education at Roosevelt CampusMult_sch51
PortlandSchoolRichmond Elementary SchoolMult_sch100
PortlandSchoolRieke Elementary SchoolMult_sch33
PortlandSchoolRigler Elementary SchoolMult_sch101
PortlandSchoolRiverdale Grade SchoolMult_sch25
PortlandSchoolRiverdale High SchoolMult_sch35
PortlandSchoolRon Russell Middle SchoolMult_sch155
PortlandSchoolRoosevelt High - SEISMult_sch52
PortlandSchoolRose City Park Elementary SchoolMult_sch102
PortlandSchoolRussell AcademyMult_sch67
PortlandSchoolSabin Elementary SchoolMult_sch103
PortlandSchoolSacramento Elementary SchoolMult_sch60
PortlandSchoolSchool of PrideMult_sch53
PortlandSchoolScott Elementary SchoolMult_sch104
PortlandSchoolSellwood Middle SchoolMult_sch105
PortlandSchoolShaver Elementary SchoolMult_sch125
PortlandSchoolSitton Elementary SchoolMult_sch106
PortlandSchoolSkyline Elementary SchoolMult_sch158
PortlandSchoolSpanish-English International SchoolMult_sch50
PortlandSchoolStephenson Elementary SchoolMult_sch55
PortlandSchoolSunnyside Environmental SchoolMult_sch108
PortlandSchoolTubman Middle SchoolMult_sch109
PortlandSchoolVentura Park Elementary SchoolMult_sch19
PortlandSchoolVernon Elementary SchoolMult_sch110
PortlandSchoolVestal Elementary SchoolMult_sch111
PortlandSchoolWest Powellhurst Elementary SchoolMult_sch20
PortlandSchoolWhitman Elementary SchoolMult_sch114
PortlandSchoolWilkes Elementary SchoolMult_sch146
PortlandSchoolWilson High SchoolMult_sch64
PortlandSchoolWinterhaven SchoolMult_sch49
PortlandSchoolWoodlawn Elementary SchoolMult_sch115
PortlandSchoolWoodmere Elementary SchoolMult_sch116
PortlandSchoolWoodstock Elementary SchoolMult_sch117
PortlandPolice - CityPortland City Police - CentralMult_pol16
PortlandPolice - CityPortland East Precinct Community Policing CenterMult_pol10
PortlandPolice - CityPortland Police BureauMult_pol03
PortlandPolice - CityPortland Police BureauMult_pol07
PortlandPolice - CityPortland Police Bureau NE Community Policing CenterMult_pol01
PortlandPolice - CityPortland Police Bureau Sunshine Division OfficeMult_pol06
PortlandPolice - CityPortland Police Bureau Traffic DivisionMult_pol17
PortlandHospitalAdventist Medical CenterMult_hos06
PortlandHospitalLegacy Emanuel HospitalMult_hos02
PortlandHospitalLegacy Good Samaritan HospitalMult_hos08
PortlandHospitalOHSU HospitalMult_hos04
PortlandHospitalProvidence Portland Medical CenterMult_hos01
PortlandFire - RFPDSauvie Island Vol RFPD 30JMult_fir34
PortlandFire - RFPDTVF & R - Station 63 Skyine (Apparatus)Mult_fir44
PortlandFire - CityGresham Fire Station 74 Training CenterMult_fir10
PortlandFire - CityPortland F & R - Station 01 DowntownMult_fir06
PortlandFire - CityPortland F & R - Station 02 ParkroseMult_fir35
PortlandFire - CityPortland F & R - Station 03 NW PearlMult_fir07
PortlandFire - CityPortland F & R - Station 04 PSUMult_fir08
PortlandFire - CityPortland F & R - Station 05 HillsdaleMult_fir05
PortlandFire - CityPortland F & R - Station 06 NW IndustrialMult_fir33
PortlandFire - CityPortland F & R - Station 07 Mill ParkMult_fir26
PortlandFire - CityPortland F & R - Station 08 KentonMult_fir29
PortlandFire - CityPortland F & R - Station 09 HawthorneMult_fir32
PortlandFire - CityPortland F & R - Station 10 BurlingameMult_fir20
PortlandFire - CityPortland F & R - Station 11 LentsMult_fir15
PortlandFire - CityPortland F & R - Station 12 SumnerMult_fir42
PortlandFire - CityPortland F & R - Station 13 Lloyd CenterMult_fir01
PortlandFire - CityPortland F & R - Station 14 VernonMult_fir30
PortlandFire - CityPortland F & R - Station 15 SW HillsMult_fir16
PortlandFire - CityPortland F & R - Station 16 SylvanMult_fir41
PortlandFire - CityPortland F & R - Station 17 Hayden IslandMult_fir19
PortlandFire - CityPortland F & R - Station 18 Multnomah VillageMult_fir13
PortlandFire - CityPortland F & R - Station 19 Mt TaborMult_fir28
PortlandFire - CityPortland F & R - Station 20 Sellwood/MorelandMult_fir31
PortlandFire - CityPortland F & R - Station 22 St. JohnsMult_fir18
PortlandFire - CityPortland F & R - Station 23 Lower EastsideMult_fir23
PortlandFire - CityPortland F & R - Station 24 Swan IslandMult_fir25
PortlandFire - CityPortland F & R - Station 25 WoodstockMult_fir22
PortlandFire - CityPortland F & R - Station 26 Univ of PortlandMult_fir21
PortlandFire - CityPortland F & R - Station 28 Rose CityMult_fir40
PortlandFire - CityPortland F & R - Station 29 GilbertMult_fir24
PortlandFire - CityPortland F & R - Station 43 GatewayMult_fir14
PortlandFire - CityPortland F & R - Station 45 RockwoodMult_fir09
PortlandFire - CityPortland Fire Bureau - Maintenance And Fire Information ServiceMult_fir11
PortlandFire - AgencyPort Of PortlandMult_fir37
PortlandFirePortland F & R - Station 27 Forest ParkMult_fir47
PortlandCounty Sheriff-EOC-Public Safety Answering PointMulthomah County River PatrolMult_pol14
PortlandCounty Sheriff-EOC-Public Safety Answering PointMultnomah County Sheriff's OfficeMult_pol13
PortlandCommunity CollegeCascade - GymnasiumMult_coc23
PortlandCommunity CollegeCascade - Jackson HallMult_coc16
PortlandCommunity CollegeCascade - Library AdditionMult_coc24
PortlandCommunity CollegeCascade - Moriarty Arts and Humanities BuildingMult_coc19
PortlandCommunity CollegeCascade - Public ServiceMult_coc20
PortlandCommunity CollegeCascade - Student CenterMult_coc17
PortlandCommunity CollegeCascade - Student ServicesMult_coc21
PortlandCommunity CollegeCascade - Tech. Ed.Mult_coc22
PortlandCommunity CollegeCascade - Terrell HallMult_coc15
PortlandCommunity CollegeMaywoodMult_coc12
PortlandCommunity CollegeSylvania - Automotive/MetalsMult_coc25
PortlandCommunity CollegeSylvania - BookstoreMult_coc31
PortlandCommunity CollegeSylvania - College CenterMult_coc26
PortlandCommunity CollegeSylvania - Communication TechnologyMult_coc27
PortlandCommunity CollegeSylvania - Health TechnologyMult_coc28
PortlandCommunity CollegeSylvania - LRCMult_coc33
PortlandCommunity CollegeSylvania - Science and TechnologyMult_coc29
PortlandCommunity CollegeSylvania - Sculpture StudioMult_coc34
PortlandCommunity CollegeSylvania - Social Science and TechnologyMult_coc30
PortlandCommunity CollegeSylvania - South Classroom B.Mult_coc35
PortlandCommunity CollegeSylvania - Technology ClassroomMult_coc36
TroutdaleSchoolReynolds High SchoolMult_sch148
TroutdaleSchoolSweetbriar Elementary SchoolMult_sch144
TroutdaleSchoolTroutdale Elementary SchoolMult_sch145
TroutdaleSchoolWalt Morey Middle SchoolMult_sch37
EOC-Confidential Location - CityPortland Emergency Communication BureauMult_eoc01

County map (PDF) showing site locations


Statewide Seismic Needs Assessment Home

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