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Statewide Seismic Needs Assessment Using Rapid Visual Screening (RVS) [Senate Bill 2 (2005)]

Statewide Seismic Needs Assessment Home

Click on a county to view a list of all screened sites for that county and link to individual site summary PDFs.

Baker Douglas Lake Sherman
Benton Gilliam Lane Tillamook
Clackamas Grant Lincoln Umatilla
Clatsop Harney Linn Union
Columbia Hood River Malheur Wallowa
Coos Jackson Marion Wasco
Crook Jefferson Morrow Washington
Curry Josephine Multnomah Wheeler
Deschutes Klamath Polk Yamhill


Washington County Sites -- Listed by City, then Facility Type, then Facility Name

CityFacility TypeFacility NameSite ID
AlohaSchoolAloha Park Elementary SchoolWash_sch44
AlohaSchoolButternut Creek Elementary SchoolWash_sch39
AlohaSchoolHazeldale Elementary SchoolWash_sch55
AlohaSchoolIndian Hills Elementary SchoolWash_sch40
AlohaSchoolReedville Elementary SchoolWash_sch41
AlohaSchoolTobias Elementary SchoolWash_sch89
AlohaFire - RFPDTVF & R - Station 62 Command CenterWash_fir15
AlohaFire - RFPDTVF & R - Station 62 Command CenterWash_fir18
AlohaFire - RFPDTVF & R - Station 69 Cooper MtnWash_fir09
BanksSchoolBanks Elementary SchoolWash_sch07
BanksSchoolBanks High SchoolWash_sch09
BanksSchoolBanks Junior High SchoolWash_sch08
BanksCounty Sheriff-EOC-Public Safety Answering PointSheriffs Office at City HallWash_pol15
BeavertonSchoolAloha High SchoolWash_sch72
BeavertonSchoolAloha-Huber Park Elementary SchoolWash_sch118
BeavertonSchoolArts & Communication High SchoolWash_sch91
BeavertonSchoolBarnes Elementary SchoolWash_sch45
BeavertonSchoolBeaver Acres Elementary SchoolWash_sch46
BeavertonSchoolBeaverton High SchoolWash_sch73
BeavertonSchoolBethany Elementary SchoolWash_sch47
BeavertonSchoolChehalem Elementary SchoolWash_sch50
BeavertonSchoolConestoga Middle SchoolWash_sch92
BeavertonSchoolCooper Mountain Elementary SchoolWash_sch51
BeavertonSchoolElmonica Elementary SchoolWash_sch53
BeavertonSchoolErrol Hassell Elementary SchoolWash_sch52
BeavertonSchoolFir Grove Elementary SchoolWash_sch54
BeavertonSchoolFive Oaks Middle SchoolWash_sch68
BeavertonSchoolGreenway Elementary SchoolWash_sch48
BeavertonSchoolHighland Park Middle SchoolWash_sch71
BeavertonSchoolHiteon Elementary SchoolWash_sch56
BeavertonSchoolKinnaman Elementary SchoolWash_sch57
BeavertonSchoolMcKay Elementary SchoolWash_sch15
BeavertonSchoolMcKinley Elementary SchoolWash_sch18
BeavertonSchoolMeadow Park Middle SchoolWash_sch69
BeavertonSchoolMountain View Middle SchoolWash_sch70
BeavertonSchoolNancy Ryles Elementary SchoolWash_sch90
BeavertonSchoolOak Hills Elementary SchoolWash_sch59
BeavertonSchoolScholls Heights Elementary SchoolWash_sch97
BeavertonSchoolSexton Mountain Elementary SchoolWash_sch85
BeavertonSchoolSouthridge High SchoolWash_sch99
BeavertonSchoolVose Elementary SchoolWash_sch64
BeavertonSchoolWhitford Middle SchoolWash_sch109
BeavertonFire - RFPDTVF & R - North Division OfficeWash_fir04
BeavertonFire - RFPDTVF & R - Station 53 ProgressWash_fir06
BeavertonFire - RFPDTVF & R - Station 61 Butner RdWash_fir11
BeavertonFire - RFPDTVF & R - Station 66 South BeavertonWash_fir16
BeavertonFire - RFPDTVF & R - Station 67 FarmingtonWash_fir12
BeavertonCounty Sheriff-EOC-Public Safety Answering PointWashington County Sheriff's OfficeWash_pol14
BuxtonFire - RFPDBanks FPD Buxton StationWash_fir31
CorneliusSchoolCornelius Elementary SchoolWash_sch23
CorneliusSchoolEcho Shaw Elementary SchoolWash_sch17
CorneliusPolice - CityCornelius Police DeptWash_pol04
CorneliusFire - CityCornelius FDWash_fir02
Forest GroveSchoolDilley Elementary SchoolWash_sch24
Forest GroveSchoolFern Hill Elementary SchoolWash_sch106
Forest GroveSchoolForest Grove High SchoolWash_sch27
Forest GroveSchoolHarvey Clarke Elementary SchoolWash_sch25
Forest GroveSchoolJoseph Gale Elementary SchoolWash_sch26
Forest GroveSchoolNeil Armstrong Middle SchoolWash_sch10
Forest GroveSchoolTom McCall Upper ElementaryWash_sch21
Forest GrovePolice - CityForest Grove Police DeptWash_pol03
Forest GroveHospitalTuality Community Hospital - Forest GroveWash_hos03
Forest GroveFire - CityForest Grove Fire & RescueWash_fir01
Gales CreekFire - CityForest Grove Fire & RescueWash_fir28
GastonSchoolGaston Elementary SchoolWash_sch80
GastonSchoolGaston Jr/Sr High SchoolWash_sch81
GastonPolice - CityGaston Police DeptWash_pol11
GastonFire - RFPDGaston RFPDWash_fir20
HillsboroSchoolBrookwood Elementary SchoolWash_sch22
HillsboroSchoolCentury High SchoolWash_sch95
HillsboroSchoolDavid Hill Elementary SchoolWash_sch01
HillsboroSchoolEastwood Elementary SchoolWash_sch03
HillsboroSchoolEvergreen Jr High SchoolWash_sch83
HillsboroSchoolFarmington View Elementary SchoolWash_sch75
HillsboroSchoolGlencoe High SchoolWash_sch84
HillsboroSchoolGroner Elementary SchoolWash_sch116
HillsboroSchoolHillsboro High SchoolWash_sch19
HillsboroSchoolImlay Elementary SchoolWash_sch104
HillsboroSchoolJ B Thomas Middle SchoolWash_sch13
HillsboroSchoolJ W Poynter Middle SchoolWash_sch110
HillsboroSchoolJackson Elementary SchoolWash_sch86
HillsboroSchoolLadd Acres Elementary SchoolWash_sch42
HillsboroSchoolLiberty High SchoolWash_sch107
HillsboroSchoolMinter Bridge Elementary SchoolWash_sch04
HillsboroSchoolMooberry Elementary SchoolWash_sch05
HillsboroSchoolOrenco Elementary SchoolWash_sch101
HillsboroSchoolPaul L Patterson Elementary SchoolWash_sch100
HillsboroSchoolPeter Boscow Elementary SchoolWash_sch06
HillsboroSchoolR A Brown Middle SchoolWash_sch82
HillsboroSchoolW L Henry Elementary SchoolWash_sch12
HillsboroSchoolW Verne McKinney Elementary SchoolWash_sch02
HillsboroSchoolWest Union Elementary SchoolWash_sch20
HillsboroSchoolWitch Hazel Elementary SchoolWash_sch43
HillsboroPolice - CityHillsboro Police DeptWash_pol01
HillsboroPolice - CityHillsboro Sheriff - JailWash_pol16
HillsboroHospitalTuality Community Hospital - HillsboroWash_hos01
HillsboroFire - RFPDWashington County RFPD 2Wash_fir24
HillsboroFire - CityHillsboro Fire & RescueWash_fir03
HillsboroFire - CityHillsboro Fire DeptWash_fir25
HillsboroFire - CityHillsboro Fire DeptWash_fir26
HillsboroFire - CityHillsboro Fire DeptWash_fir27
HillsboroCounty Sheriff-EOC-Public Safety Answering PointWashington County Jail and Sherriff's OfficeWash_pol02
King CityPolice - CityKing City Police DeptWash_pol12
North PlainsSchoolNorth Plains Elementary SchoolWash_sch76
North PlainsPolice - CityNorth Plains Police DeptWash_pol05
North PlainsFire - RFPDWashington County RFPD 2Wash_fir29
PortlandSchoolCedar Mill Elementary SchoolWash_sch49
PortlandSchoolCedar Park Middle SchoolWash_sch67
PortlandSchoolFindley ElementaryWash_sch11
PortlandSchoolJacob Wismer Elementary SchoolWash_sch103
PortlandSchoolLenox Elementary SchoolWash_sch108
PortlandSchoolMontclair Elementary SchoolWash_sch58
PortlandSchoolRaleigh Hills Elementary SchoolWash_sch60
PortlandSchoolRaleigh Park Elementary SchoolWash_sch16
PortlandSchoolRidgewood Elementary SchoolWash_sch61
PortlandSchoolRock Creek Elementary SchoolWash_sch62
PortlandSchoolStoller Middle SchoolWash_sch98
PortlandSchoolSunset High SchoolWash_sch74
PortlandSchoolTerra Linda Elementary SchoolWash_sch63
PortlandSchoolWest Sylvan Middle SchoolWash_sch117
PortlandSchoolWest Tualatin View Elementary SchoolWash_sch65
PortlandSchoolWestview High SchoolWash_sch93
PortlandSchoolWilliam Walker Elementary SchoolWash_sch66
PortlandHospitalProvidence St. Vincent HospitalWash_hos02
PortlandFire - RFPDTVF & R - Station 60 Cornell RdWash_fir23
PortlandFire - RFPDTVF & R - Station 64 Rock Creek/SomersetWash_fir10
PortlandFire - RFPDTVF & R - Station 65 West SlopeWash_fir07
PortlandFire - RFPDTVF & R - Station 68 Oak Hills (House)Wash_fir05
PortlandCommunity CollegeRock Creek - Building 2Wash_coc04
PortlandCommunity CollegeRock Creek - Building 3Wash_coc02
PortlandCommunity CollegeRock Creek - Building 5Wash_coc03
PortlandCommunity CollegeRock Creek - Building 6 - HangerWash_coc01
PortlandCommunity CollegeRock Creek - Building 7Wash_coc05
PortlandCommunity CollegeRock Creek - Building 7 - AdditionWash_coc06
PortlandCommunity CollegeRock Creek - Building 9 - Library Student ServicesWash_coc07
SherwoodSchoolArcher Glen Elementary SchoolWash_sch94
SherwoodSchoolJ Clyde Hopkins Elementary SchoolWash_sch77
SherwoodSchoolMiddleton Elementary SchoolWash_sch102
SherwoodSchoolSherwood High SchoolWash_sch79
SherwoodSchoolSherwood Middle SchoolWash_sch78
SherwoodPolice - CitySherwood PDWash_pol17
SherwoodFire - RFPDTVF & R - Station 33 SherwoodWash_fir33
SherwoodFire - RFPDTVF & R - Station xx SherwoodWash_fir13
TigardSchoolAlberta Rider Elementary SchoolWash_sch115
TigardSchoolCharles F Tigard Elementary SchoolWash_sch29
TigardSchoolDeer Creek Elementary SchoolWash_sch96
TigardSchoolDurham Elementary SchoolWash_sch31
TigardSchoolJames Templeton Elementary SchoolWash_sch32
TigardSchoolMary Woodward Elementary SchoolWash_sch30
TigardSchoolMetzger Elementary SchoolWash_sch33
TigardSchoolThomas R Fowler Middle SchoolWash_sch36
TigardSchoolTigard High SchoolWash_sch38
TigardSchoolTwality Middle SchoolWash_sch37
TigardPolice - CityTigard Police DeptWash_pol06
TigardFire - RFPDTVF & R - Station 35 King CityWash_fir08
TigardFire - RFPDTVF & R - Station 51 TigardWash_fir17
TimberFire - RFPDBanks FPD Timber StationWash_fir32
TualatinSchoolBridgeport Elementary SchoolWash_sch28
TualatinSchoolEdward Byrom Elementary SchoolWash_sch34
TualatinSchoolHazelbrook Middle SchoolWash_sch87
TualatinSchoolTualatin Elementary SchoolWash_sch35
TualatinSchoolTualatin High SchoolWash_sch88
TualatinPolice - CityTualatin Police DepartmentWash_pol18
TualatinFire - RFPDTVF & R - Station 34 TualatinWash_fir21
County Sheriff-EOC-Confidential LocationEmergency Operations CenterWash_eoc02

County map (PDF) showing site locations


Statewide Seismic Needs Assessment Home

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