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Oregon Geology is dedicated to regional research and information. It is published for a scientific and technical audience, and is an important source of information about current understanding of Oregon’s geologic past and processes. Issues are available free online.

Index to OREGON GEOLOGY, volume 63, 2001

Numbers refer to issue and first page of entry. Most subject entries cross-referenced to authors (in parentheses).

Abstracts of theses 1:12; 3:100; 4:126

Allan, J.C., joins DOGAMI Coastal Field Office 2:67

Appel, M., Alkaline and peraluminous intrusives in the Clarno Formation around Mitchell, Oregon: Ramifications on magma genesis and subduction tectonics (thesis abs.) 4:126

Campbell, K.W., and Wang, Z., Scenario ground-motion maps for western Oregon and comparison of scenario, probabilistic, and design response spectra for Seaside and Portland, Oregon 4:107

Carson, R.J., Where the Rockies meet the Columbia Plateau: Geologic field trip from the Walla Walla Valley to the Wallowa Mountains, Oregon 1:13

Clark, J.L., Effects of urbanization on streamflow in three basins in the Pacific Northwest (thesis abs.) 1:12

Geologic notes—gleanings from recent publications that may be of interest 2:65, 3:99, 4:125

Columbia River Basalt Group (Petcovic and Grunder) 3:71

DOGAMI news:
—About using the DOGAMI home page on the Internet 4:128
—Allan, J.C., joins DOGAMI Coastal Field Office 2:67
—Archie Strong, volunteer (turned 91) 1:35; (in memoriam) 3:103
—Errata: Omitted from index of v. 62 (2000) 1:35
—Mined Land Reclamation Awards of 2001 3:97
—Oregon Geology goes digital 3:70; 4:131
—Reconnaissance Map Series launched with some slips 4:128
—USGS OFRs from web site on paper in DOGAMI library 3:103

Douglas, W.H., The distribution of naturally occurring soil radionuclides and radon potential of southwest Oregon (thesis abs.) 3:101

—A homeowner’s guide to earthquake safety (highlight) 1:20
—Methodology for regional seismic damage assessment and retrofit planning for existing buildings (McCormack) 3:100
—Portland Hills fault: 2:39; 2:47; 3:102
—Preparation pays (reprinted note from BPA Journal) 2:59
—Scenario ground-motion maps (Campbell and Wang) 4:107
—Seismic rehabilitation at Oregon State Library (Robinson) 2:55
—The HAZUS-RVS form (Theodoropoulos and Wang) 1:3

Ferns, M.L., coauthor, Van Tassell and others 3:77

Field trip guides:
—Wallowa/Blue Mountains (Carson) 1:13
—Newberry Volcano roadside guide (highlight) 1:20

Grunder, A.L., coauthor, Petcovic and Grunder 3:71

HAZUS risk studies (Theodoropoulos and Wang) 1:3

Hemphill-Haley, M.A., coauthor 2:39; 2:47

Hiking Oregon’s and Washington’s geology (highlight) 2:54

Khandoker, R.A., Distribution of heavy metals and trace elements in soils of Southwest Oregon (thesis abs.) 4:127

Lenegan, R.J., Middle Cretaceous sedimentation and tectonics, Mitchell inlier, Wheeler County, central Oregon (thesis abs.) 3:101

Liberty, L.M., coauthor, Wong and others 2:39

Licciardi, J.M., Alpine glacier and pluvial lake records of late Pleistocene climate variability, W. United States (diss. abs.) 3:100

Madin, I.P., and Hemphill-Haley, M.A., The Portland Hills fault at Rowe Middle School (new evidence) 2:47

Madin, I.P., coauthor, Wong and others 2:39

McConnell, V., coauthor, Van Tassell and others 3:77

McCormack, T., A methodology for regional seismic damage assessment and retrofit planning for existing buildings (diss. abs.) 3:100

Mined Land Reclamation: Statewide Annual Reclamation Awards 3:97

Newberry Volcano, Roadside guide by R.A. Jensen (highlight) 1:20

Newton, V.C., Letter re. Wong and others, Portland Hills fault (v. 62, no. 3, p. 39) 3:102

—Distribution of selected conifer taxa (Tattersall) 3:100
—Alpine glacier and pluvial lake climate variability (Licciardi) 3:100

Paleontology: Imbler fish fossils (Van Tassell and others) 3:77

Pearch, J.M., Relationships between landscape stability, clay mineralogy, and stream turbidity in the South Santiam watershed (thesis abs.) 4:127

Petcovic, H.L., and Grunder, A.L., Partial melting of tonalite at the margins of a Columbia River Basalt Group dike, Wallowa Mountains, northeastern Oregon 3:71

Places to see:
—Newberry Crater 1:36
—Hug Point 2:68
—North Umpqua River 3:104
—Mitchell, Wheeler County, area 4:130
—Moccasin Lake (omitted in index for 2000) v. 62, no. 4, p. 124

Portland, Design response spectra (Campbell and Wang) 4:107

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Publications by DOGAMI, announced:
—Errata: Omitted from index of v. 62 (2000):
——IMS-13, Tsunami hazard map, Gold Beach area 4:123
——IMS-17, Slope instability, Salem Hills, Marion County 4:123
——IMS-18, Slope instability, Eola Hills, Polk County 4:123
—IMS-19, Rel. earthquake hazard map, Klamath Falls area 1:2
—O-95-09 through O-95-66, O-97-31, O-97-32, tsunami hazard maps, reissued on CD 3:103
—O-00-04, Guidelines for engineering geologic reports
—O-01-01, Mist Gas Field Map, 2001 edition 2:38
—O-01-02, Nisqually, Washington, earthquake report 2:67
—O-01-03, Coastal erosion hazard, Tillamook County 4:124
—O-01-04, Coastal erosion hazard, Clatsop Plains 4:124
—O-01-05, Earthquake and landslide hazard, Benton Co. 4:124
—O-01-06, Seismic hazard and risk, Tillamook Co. 4:124
—RMS-1, Reconnaissance geol. Map, La Grande quad. 4:106
—Special Paper 34, Slope failures in Oregon 2:38

Publications by others, announced and reviewed:
—Geologic notes—gleanings from recent publications that may be of interest (Clark) 2:65, 3:99, 4:125
—Loy and others, Atlas of Oregon (highlight) 4:130
—Orr, W.N., and Orr, E.L., Geology of the Pacific Northwest, 2d ed. (review by Streck) 3:76
—AGI Environmental Awareness Series: Metal Mining, Groundwater, Sustaining Our Soils and Society (highlight) 3:88
—Babcock and Carson, Hiking Washington’s geology (highlight) 2:54
—Bishop, E.M., Hiking Oregon’s geology (highlight) 2:54
—Jensen, R.A., Roadside guide to the geology of Newberry Volcano (highlight) 1:20
—Institute for Business and Home Safety, A homeowner’s guide to earthquake safety (highlight) 1:20

|Robinson, K., Seismic rehabilitation in the renovation of the Oregon State Library, in Salem 2:55

Rogers, J.P., Analysis of tephra components from Rock Mesa, South Sister volcano, Oregon: Implications for evolution of the explosive phase (thesis abs.) 3:100

Rowe Middle School: Fault evidence (Madin & Hemphill-Haley) 2:47

Seaside, Design response spectra (Campbell and Wang) 4:107

—Clay mineralogy, South Santiam watershed (Pearch) 4:127
—Fourier grain-shape analysis, S. Oregon (Torley) 2:60

Smith, G.R., coauthor, Van Tassell and others 3:77

—Clay mineralogy, South Santiam watershed (Pearch) 4:127
—Heavy metals and trace elements, SW Oregon (Khandoker) 4:127

Streck, M., Geology of the Pacific Northwest, 2d ed. (review) 3:76

Tattersall, A.M., Changes in the distribution of selected conifer taxa in the Pacific Northwest during the last 20,000 years (thesis abs.) 3:100

Theodoropoulos, C., and Wang, Y., The HAZUS-RVS form: A new HAZUS-compatible rapid visual screening form for buildings 1:3

Torley, R.F., Results of a new method of Fourier grain-shape analysis, detrital quartz grains in sediments, Jackson County, Oregon 2:60

Van Tassell, J., Ferns, M.L., McConnell, V., and Smith, G.R., The mid-Pliocene Imbler fish fossils, Grande Ronde Valley, Union County, Oregon, and the connection between Lake Idaho and the Columbia River

Volcanology: Tephra components from Rock Mesa (Rogers) 3:100

Wallowa batholith: partial melting (Petcovic and Grunder) 3:71

Wang, Y., coauthor, Theodoropoulos a nd Wang 1:3

Wang, Z., coauthor, Campbell and Wang 4:107

Wong, I.G., Hemphill-Haley, M.A., Liberty, L.M., and Madin, I.P., The Portland Hills fault: An earthquake generator or just another old fault? 2:39

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