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The department releases the results of its geologic studies in a variety of ways including CD-ROM disks, computer files, and publications such as maps, books, open-file reports, special papers and brochures. These materials are made available to the public at the Nature of the Northwest Information Center at the State Office Building in Portland. Printed publication lists are available upon request.

Recent Publications:

  • MTRG-2015-OR-01, Oregon Maritime Tsunami Response Guidance for the Ports of Newport and Toledo. guide | series preview
  • Open-File Report O-15-03, Lode Mines and Prospects in the North Santiam Mining District, Marion and Clackamas Counties, Oregon, by Clark A. Niewendorp and Joseph W. Ghiorso. CD-ROM, $15. preview
  • Open-File Report O-15-01, Landslide susceptibility analysis of lifeline routes in the Oregon Coast Range, by Rubini Mahalingam, Michael J. Olsen, Mahyar Sharifi-Mood, and Daniel T. Gillins. DVD, $30. preview
  • Statewide Landslide Information Layer for Oregon, release 3.2 (SLIDO-3.2) - web-only data release | interactive map | data and web services
  • Open-File Report O-14-10, Landslide Inventory of Coastal Curry County, Oregon, by William J. Burns, Katherine A. Mickelson, and Laura L. Stimely. DVD, $30. preview
  • Open-File Report O-14-09, Redigitized GIS Data Approximating the Oregon Senate Bill 379 (SB 379) Tsunami Regulatory Line, by Rachel L. Smith and Sean G. Pickner. DVD, $30. preview
  • Lidar Explored 2015 Calendar, 28 p., 11 x 8.5 inches, by Daniel E. Coe. preview
  • Open-File Reports O-14-03 through -08, Tsunami digital point data for vorticity, minimum flow depth, and momentum flux for Oregon, by George R. Priest, Joseph Y. Zhang, Kelin Wang, Chris Goldfinger, and Laura L. Stimely. Data series for the entire Oregon coast):
    O-14-03, South Coast Project Area, Curry County;
    O-14-04, Bandon Project Area, Coos and Curry Counties;
    O-14-05, Coos Bay Project Area, Coos County;
    O-14-06, Central Coast Project Area, Coos, Douglas, Lane, and Lincoln Counties;
    O-14-07, Tillamook Project Area, Tillamook County; and
    O-14-08, Clatsop Project Area, Clatsop County
    DVDs, $30 each.
  • Open-File Report O-14-02, Evaluation of erosion hazard zones for the dune-backed beaches of Tillamook County, Oregon, by Laura L. Stimely and Jonathan C. Allan. CD-ROM, $30. preview
  • Oregon Gelogy, vol. 70, no. 1; Summer 2014 | higher-resolution version | all Oregon Geology and Ore Bin issues
  • Geologic Guide and Recreation Map series publications available as GPS-enabled apps: Mount Hood | Crater Lake | Three Sisters
  • Open-File Report O-14-01, Geologic map of the southern Oregon coast between Port Orford and Bandon, Curry and Coos counties, Oregon, by Thomas J. Wiley, Jason D. McClaughry, Lina Ma, Katherine A. Mickelson, Clark A. Niewendorp, Laura L. Stimely, Heather H. Herinckx, and Jonathan Rivas. CD-ROM, $30. preview | news release
  • Statewide Landslide Information Layer for Oregon, release 3.0 (SLIDO-3.0) by William J. Burns and Rudie J. Watzig. DVD, $25. preview | interactive map | data and web services

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