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Oregon Geology, vol. 68, no. 1, issue cover pageBudget cutbacks and changing technology require that we make changes to the magazine. We will now publish two issues a year as a journal on our website.We will also predominantly compile rather than extensively edit the material submitted. Consequently, we are now asking that material be submitted to us in production-ready quality. For details and the new publication schedule, see “Information for Contributors” below. We believe Oregon Geology is an important publication, offering a unique and suitable place to share information about Oregon that is useful for the geoscience community and ultimately for all Oregonians.

Information for contributors

Oregon Geology is designed to reach a wide spectrum of readers in the geoscience community who are interested in all aspects of the geology of Oregon and its applications. Informative papers and notes, particularly research results are welcome, as are letters or notes in response to materials published in the journal. Two copies of the manuscript should be submitted, one paper copy and one digital copy. While the paper copy should document the author’s intent as to unified layout and appearance, all digital elements of the manuscript, such as text, figures, and tables should be submitted as separate files. Hard-copy graphics should be camera ready; photographs should be glossies. Figure captions should be placed together at the end of the text.

Style is generally that of U.S. Geological Survey publications. (See USGS Suggestions to Authors, 7th ed., 1991, or recent issues of Oregon Geology.) References are limited to those cited. We accept only those articles that have at least one acknowledged outside review. We maintain the authority to request a copy of the reviewer's comments. Pre-submission reviewers should be included in the acknowledgments. In view of increasing restrictions on editing time, adherence to such style will be required more strictly than in the past.

Conclusions and opinions presented in articles are those of the authors and are not necessarily endorsed by the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries. Authors will receive a complimentary CD with a PDF version of the issue containing their contribution. Manuscripts, letters, notices, and photographs should be sent to Editor, Oregon Geology, 800 NE Oregon Street #28, Suite 965, Portland, OR 97232-2162, e-mail contact

Please send us your photos!

Since we have started printing color pictures in Oregon Geology, we are finding ourselves woefully short of good color photographs showing geologic motifs in Oregon. That is why we invite your contributions. Good glossy prints or transparencies will be the best “hard copy,” while digital versions are best in TIFF or EPS format, on the PC or Mac platform. If you have any photos you would like to share with other readers, please send them to us (Editor, Oregon Geology, 800 NE Oregon Street #28, Suite 965, Portland, OR 97232-2162; e-mail
.) with information for a caption. If they are used, publication and credit to you is all the compensation we can offer. If you wish to have us return your materials, please include a self-addressed envelope.

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