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SLIDO recently underwent a maintenance update. If you are having trouble viewing the map, please clear your browser's cache and history so that the updated map displays.

What is the Statewide Landslide Information Database for Oregon?

SLIDO release 2 is compilation of landslides in Oregon that have been identified on published maps. The database contains only landslides that have been located on these maps. Many landslides have not yet been located or are not on these maps and therefore are not in this database. This database does not contain information about relative hazards. The interactive map lets you view information on location, type, and other attributes related to identified landslides in Oregon.

Area north of Thurston. The aerial photo (left) shows a seemingly benign landscape. The lidar image of the same area (right) shows very detailed changes in the land surface and mapped landslides.

SLIDO-2 includes 22,542 landslide deposit polygons and landslide-related features from 313 published and unpublished studies, 10,636 historical landslide point locations, and 72 locations of detailed studies on individual landslides. The original studies vary widely in scale, scope, and focus, which is reflected in a wide range in the accuracy, detail, and completeness with which the landslides are mapped.

Also new for SLIDO-2:

  • Lidar base map
  • Enhanced interface including layer transparency, bookmarks to lidar-derived landslide mapping, and display of original map extent by purpose and scale.

More background information.

example SLIDO map image

What do I need to use the map viewer?

To view the map, your browser must have Adobe Flash Player and must allow cookies. The map will run on the Macintosh operating system, but users of Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) will need to obtain a Flash-enabled, third-party browser such as Skyfire or Puffin. Note that DOGAMI does not endorse any particular third-party software.

Additional Resources

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