Japan March 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami - Resources


Tsunami Forecast Model Animation: Japan 2011

Tsunami Forecast Model Animation: Japan 2011 1:50 minutes, YouTube
This NOAA/NWS/Pacific Tsunami Warning Center animation models tsunami wave speed, wavelength, and amplitude through 36 hours of simulated motion and as the waves race around the globe from the Japan earthquake. Also see the USGS poster of the Great Tohoku Earthquake.


Subduction process for Japan Pacific Northwest
[larger image (PDF)]

Oregon is a geologic mirror-image of northern Japan. In both places, the Pacific Ocean floor is sliding beneath adjacent continents along giant faults called subduction zones. (Source: Oregon Resilience Plan: Reducing Risk and Improving Recovery for the Next Cascadia Earthquake and Tsunami.)

Websites and commentaries on the Japan earthquake and tsunami

  1. NOVA: "Surviving the Tsunami" 1-hour television show. Gripping personal stories from Japan offer lessons on how to act in the face of a life-threatening disaster. Aired Sept. 28, 2011 on PBS.
  2. Lori Dengler's (Humbolt State University) Post-Earthquake Reconnaissance Blog Posts
  3. The amazing Japan Quake Map that chronicles (animation) all the earthquakes off the coast of Honshu since March 10 — over 740 and counting.
  4. ABC News Before and After pictures of the affected coastal cities.
  5. More before and after pictures, poster sized, actual satellite images, and other maps from the International Charter "Space and Major Disasters" website.
  6. NOAA's Japanese tsunami wave propagation animation.
  7. Google's Sendai earthquake crisis page.
  8. The TerraSAR-X Change Analysis Map of Sendai Area, Japan.
  9. The Esri Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Response web pages with maps and great resources/links.
  10. The IRIS "teachable moments" page on this and past earthquakes — great animations and graphics.
  11. Closer to home, news channel KGW has some historic video of the 1964 tsunami damage in Seaside and Cannon Beach.
  12. From the MIT Technology Review website, articles 80 Seconds of Warning for Tokyo, and How Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami Warning System Work.
  13. Articles, opinions, and editorials from The Oregonian: