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DOGAMI operations are held to the highest standards of accountable public service and science, ensuring the services we deliver contribute to Oregon’s safety and prosperity.

Budget Update, May 12, 2020

At the direction of the Governor, all agencies, including DOGAMI, have prepared prioritized budget reduction proposals equaling a 17 percent reduction for the upcoming 2021 fiscal year. DOGAMI's plan is available here as a PDF document.


Oregon operates under a two-year (biennium) budget process. The budget development process has three major phases:

  • Agency Request Budget: DOGAMI begins with the previous biennium's budget, then adds, removes, or adjusts the budget based on program needs and policy responsibilities.
  • Governor's Budget: The Governor's Office and the Chief Financial Office build on and may revise the Agency Request Budget. The resulting Governor’s Budget is presented to the Legislature for consideration.
  • Legislatively Adopted Budget: Legislative committees review proposed budgets and hold public hearings before the full Legislature votes on each agency's budget.




Strategic Framework

The 2015-2021 Strategic Framework provides shared goals and objectives to guide the Agency’s progress over the next six years. The Strategic Framework establishes five focus areas, and sets a high-level goal and goal-advancing objectives for each area. Short-term initiatives are developed during each biennium to advance specific objectives.


Key Performance Measures

Key Performance Measures (KPMs) track DOGAMI’s progress in delivering specific mission-advancing services. DOGAMI’s KPMs align with the goals and objectives of the Strategic Framework, and are reported on annually in Performance Progress Reports. Current KPMs are:

#1. Hazard & Risk Assessment Completion
What’s Achieved: Oregon communities have accurate, detailed natural hazard and risk assessments to help plan for future disasters and improve their resilience
How Progress is Measured: All Oregon cities have complete data

#2. Detailed Geologic Map Completion
What’s Achieved: Development of geologic maps essential to understand natural hazards & resources, and mineral resource potential
How Progress is Measured: Percentage of state’s inhabited areas with high-resolution maps

#3. Lidar Data Completion
What’s Achieved: Collects the lidar topographic data used for mapping, monitoring and managing infrastructure, agriculture, natural hazards and resources
How Progress is Measured: Percentage of state with lidar coverage

#4. Permitted Mine Sites Inspected
What’s Achieved: Proactive inspection of surface mining sites to help prevent off-site impacts or violations, and build positive relations with operators
How Progress is Measured: Percentage of permitted mine sites inspected biennially

#5. Customer Service
What’s Achieved: Helps ensure services provided by DOGAMI meet customer needs and expectations, and identifies opportunities for improvement
How Progress is Measured: Percentage of customers rating satisfaction with Agency services as excellent or good

#6. Governance
What’s Achieved: Helps ensure Agency operations meet best practices, and identifies opportunities for improvement
How Progress is Measured: Annual assessment by DOGAMI Governing Board Connection to Strategic Framework: Governance & Operations Focus Area


KPMs are reported on annually in Performance Progress Reports.

Performance Progress Reports

FY 2018 Annual Performance Progress Report (PDF, 900 KB)
FY 2017 Annual Performance Progress Report (PDF, 2 MB)
FY 2016 Annual Performance Progress Report (PDF, 2 MB)


(last updated 04/02/2021)



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