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Chemical Process Mining Permitting Process

(last updated 11/28/2018)

Under Oregon law, Oregon uses a consolidated application process for administering state regulatory requirements for chemical process mines. The majority of the requirements are consolidated into a permit issued by the Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI). Other federal, state, or local permits may also be required.

The process incorporates two coordinating and technical groups in the application review and permit development process:

1. Project Coordinating Committee – the Project Coordinating Committee shares information and coordinates local, state, and federal permitting requirements to avoid contradictory requirements, facilitate the exchange of ideas, promote interdisciplinary decision making and optimize communication. The PCC resolves any conflicting permit conditions and ensures that the final permit meets applicable standards.

Membership in the Project Coordinating Committee includes appropriate State agencies, affected federal agencies, local governments, and interested Tribal Nations.

The PCC will meet throughout the permit pre-application, consolidated application, and permit development process.

2. Technical Review Team – this interdisciplinary team of state agencies reviews the application and develops consolidated permit conditions that conform to Oregon regulations.

PCC and TRT meetings are open for the public to attend.

Key steps in a chemical process mining application include:

  1. Notice of Intent to submit a Consolidated Application
  2. Notice of applicant’s readiness to collect baseline data
  3. Filing of a consolidated application including an operating plan, baseline data, reclamation and closure plan, and an alternatives analysis
  4. Notice to proceed if the application is complete
  5. Preparation of draft permits
  6. Public input
  7. Final permits
  8. Consolidated contested case (if requested)

List of Notices of Intent to submit a Consolidated Application as received by the Department



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