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Publication Preview

IMS-55, Landslide inventory maps of the southern half of the Pittsburg quadrangle, Columbia County, Oregon, by William J. Burns, Katherine A. Mickelson, and Evan C. Saint-Pierre

(SW and SE quarter-quadrangle map plates of the Pittsburg 7.5' USGS quadrangle; 1:8,000 scale)

Download publication .zip file 232 MB)

Publication contents:

Along with a readme file, the publication CD contains 1) IMS-55 GIS data, metadata, and map views of the GIS data, 2) DOGAMI Special Paper 42, and 3) two landslide factsheets.

1. IMS-55 folder:

  1. Geodatabase: IMS-55_Landslide_Pittsburg.gdb - ArcGIS version 10
    Geodatabase contains shp files for 1) landslide deposits, 2) head scarps and flanks, and 3) scarps; metadata for shp files is included.
  2. IMS-55_metadata.xml - metadata for GIS files in XML format.
  3. Map plates in PDF format:
    - IMS-55_Plate-1_SW_Pittsburg, Landslide inventory map of the southwest quarter of the quadrangle
    - IMS-55_Plate-1_SE_Pittsburg, Landslide inventory map of the southeast quarter of the quadrangle

2. SP-42 folder: compressed file containing DOGAMI Special Paper 42, Protocol for Inventory Mapping of Landslide Deposits from Light Detection and Ranging (Lidar) Imagery, by William J. Burns and Ian P. Madin -- included to provide background on how the landslide inventory data were prepared. The SP-42 file set consists of:

  1. Text report (print and onscreen versions), 30 p.
  2. "geodatabase_template" folder:
    - Landslide_Inventory_Template-ArcInfo.gdb - includes relationship classes between the feature classes
    - Landslide_Inventory_Template-ArcView.gdb
    - sr_Toolbox.tbx - additional tools: Find Unmatched Features and Unjoin Layers
  3. Readme.txt file

3. DOGAMI-fact-sheets folder:
- Understanding Landslide Deposit Maps
- Landslide Hazards in Oregon

IMS-55 map plate previews:

NW quarter of Vernonia quad

NE quarter of Vernonia quad