DOGAMI Lidar Illustrated - Mount Hood Geologic Guide and Recreation Map

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Mount Hood rec map cover

Mount Hood Geologic Guide and Recreation Map, by Tracy Pollock

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This map shows 75 trails in the vicinity of Mount Hood, including the Timberline Trail and Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail, as well as highways, Forest Service roads, wilderness areas, and campgrounds. The eruptive history of the Mount Hood area and key geologic events are described in text, photographs, and charts. Information for climbers and hikers is also provided.

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trail map of Mount Hood area

geologic information and Mount Hood glaciers

Mount Hood Geologic Guide and Recreation Map, 36 x 18 inches, by Tracy Pollock.

This map for the outdoors enthusiast uses a laser-based terrain elevation technology called lidar (light detection and ranging) as the base.

Lidar (light detection and ranging) is a remote sensing technique similar to radar that uses light pulses instead of radio waves. Lidar is typically “flown” or collected from planes and rapidly produces a large collection of very dense and accurate elevation points (up to 500,000 per second) over a large area. The product can be used to generate three-dimensional representations of the Earth’s surface and its features.

The Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) uses lidar to create new-generation maps that are more accurate and comprehensive than any in the past. DOGAMI, via the Oregon Lidar Consortium, is continually acquiring new lidar data throughout Oregon.