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Open-File Report O-07-02, Statewide seismic needs assessment: Implementation of Oregon 2005 Senate Bill 2 relating to public safety, earthquakes, and seismic rehabilitation of public buildings, by Don Lewis, 2007, 140 p.


Final Report to the 74th Oregon Legislative Assembly - DOGAMI Open-File Report O-07-02 (23 MB PDF)

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FEMA-154, 2002 Edition (web link)

Seismic Project Overview
Oregon Senate Bill 2 (2005) directs DOGAMI, in consultation with project partners (see below), to develop a statewide seismic needs assessment that includes seismic safety surveys of K-12 public school buildings and community college buildings that have a capacity of 250 or more persons, hospital buildings with acute inpatient care facilities, fire stations, police stations, sheriffs' offices and other law enforcement agency buildings.

The statewide needs assessment consists of rapid visual screenings (RVS) of these buildings in accordance with FEMA-154, 2002 Edition, or an equivalent standard adopted by DOGAMI; information gathering to supplement RVS; and ranking of RVS results into risk categories. The results will be posted on a publicly accessible web site.

Senate Bill 2 (2005) provides the first step in a pre-disaster mitigation strategy that is further defined in Senate Bills 3-5 (2005). Senate Bill 3 (2005) directs the Oregon Emergency Management office to create a grant program for local communities. Senate Bills 4 (2005) and 5 (2005) direct the state treasurer to issue voter approved bonds. Altogether, $1.2 billion will be appropriated to improve seismic safety statewide. Note that grant funding for seismic rehabilitation is directly related to seismic needs assessment.

SB 1566 (2012) amended ORS 329.105 to require all school districts and education service districts to notice the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries of any construction of new school buildings or modification of an existing school building in a manner that may affect the seismic risk category of a school. 

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DOGAMI RVS survey completed 2002: Open-File Report O-04-16: Earthquake safety and sidewalk survey scores in Clackamas County schools, Clackamas County, Oregon