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DOGAMI Open-File Report O-10-02, Tsunami Evacuation Building Workshop, September 28-29, 2009, Cannon Beach, Seaside, and Portland, Oregon, by Yumei Wang.

Download PDF file (7 MB) of workshop minutes.

Overview (from the workshop minutes)

The Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup (CREW) held the first regional workshop that addressed tsunami vertical evacuation as a new means to protect people and improve community recovery. This two-day workshop included representation from the Cascadia margin as well as from elsewhere (e.g., Hawaii, CA). Oregon, Washington, California, and British Columbia representatives presented their strategies on tsunami risk reduction. A policy session included the following panelists:

Participants agree that vertical evacuation options should be adopted. Discussion on ways to move forward, as well as unresolved issues were discussed. A design team for the proposed Cannon Beach City Hall Tsunami Evacuation Building unveiled a conceptual design. Two outcomes include: 1) the goal to construct the proposed Cannon Beach Tsunami Evacuation Building by March 2014, the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Alaska quake/tsunami; and, 2) identification of the need for a regional strategic Tsunami Evacuation Building siting study along the Cascadia margin.

During the workshop, the magnitude 8.0 Samoa earthquake and tsunami occurred. This disaster, which claimed over 120 lives, supported the need for improved tsunami safety.
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