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Open-File Report O-12-03, Digital geologic map of the Hood River Valley, Hood River and Wasco Counties, Oregon, by Jason D. McClaughry, Thomas J. Wiley, Richard M. Conrey, Cullen B. Jones, and Kenneth E. Lite, Jr.

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Publication contains a 142-page text report PDF, 1:36,000-scale thematic map plate PDF (56 x 40 inches), Esri ArcGIS® geodatabase, GIS files, and spreadsheets.

From the introduction to the report:
This report and accompanying thematic geologic map and digital geodatabase for the Hood River Valley, Hood River and Wasco Counties, Oregon was prepared to provide an updated and spatially accurate and detailed geologic database for the area (Figure 1; map plate). The project was a high priority of the Oregon Geologic Map Advisory Committee and was supported in part by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) STATEMAP [] component of the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program under assistance award G11AC20275 (2011). Matching funds were provided by the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI). The core product of this study is an Esri ArcGIS® ArcMap® 10 format geodatabase that combines new and existing mapping in a digital format consistent with the digital statewide Oregon Geologic Data Compilation database (OGDC-5, Ma and others, 2009). The geodatabase contains detailed spatial information about geologic polygons and structures, and basic data about each geologic unit such as age, lithology, mineralogy, structure, and texture. The geodatabase is supported by this report describing the geology in detail, and digital appendices with geochemical, geochronological, structural, and water well data. This publication also includes a thematic map (map plate) at a scale of 1:36,000 to show the distribution of key lithologies in the study area. This thematic geologic map refines our understanding of geologic conditions in the Hood River area that control the distribution, quantity, and quality of groundwater resources, the distribution of terrain susceptible to landslides, seismic hazards, and delineates areas of potential aggregate and other mineral resources. The database provides a basis for future geologic, geohydrologic, and geohazard studies in the Hood River Valley.


Geology of the Hood River Valley, Hood River and Wasco Counties, Oregon
Thematic map plate (actual size 56 x 40 inches, scale 1:36,000):

preview of thematic map for Open-File Report O-12-03, Digital Geologic Map of the Hood River Valley, Hood River and Wasco Counties, Oregon