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Open-File Report O-13-07, Oregon Beach Shoreline Mapping and Analysis Program: Quantifying Short- to Long-Term Beach and Shoreline Changes in the Gold Beach, Nesika Beach, and Netarts Littoral Cells, Curry and Tillamook Counties, Oregon, by Jonathan C. Allan and Laura L. Stimely

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—from the report:


This report describes the procedures used to establish new beach observation sites along the Gold Beach, Nesika Beach, and Netarts littoral cells on the Oregon coast. On the basis of these efforts, a total of 21 beach profile sites were established in the Gold Beach littoral cell, which extends from Cape Sebastian in the south to Otter Point in the north. An additional 14 profile sites were established in the Nesika Beach cell, just north of the Gold Beach cell. On the north coast in Tillamook County, 24 beach profile sites were established in the Netarts littoral cell. In addition to real-time kinematic (RTK) differential Global Positioning System (RTK-DGPS) surveys of 59 new beach profile sites, analyses were undertaken to compare these results to surveys carried out using airborne lidar. In each cell, new tidal datum-based shorelines were measured and compared against both recent historical (lidar) shorelines and older historical shorelines (e.g., 1920s, 1950s, and 1960s era). Our beach monitoring efforts completed thus far have identified the following large-scale beach responses:

Gold Beach

Nesika Beach