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Open-File Report O-17-02, Statewide Levee Database for Oregon, release 1.0: Major Agricultural and Urban Areas in Western Oregon and along the Columbia River
by Fletcher E. O’Brien, 20 p. report, GIS data.

Download complete publication including GIS data (14 MB .zip file)

ABSTRACT from the report:

A geospatial inventory of levees and levee-like features is an important resource for assessing flood risk, for flood mitigation planning, and for emergency response during flood events. It also benefits ecological restoration efforts by helping locate levees to remove or breach in order to expand habitat for aquatic species. Until now, the state of Oregon did not have a single comprehensive inventory that maps levees with the high spatial accuracy needed to support these activities. To meet this need, the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) compiled pre-existing levee data and created new levee data in a single geospatial inventory.

This initial compilation includes the following spatial layers: 1) levee lines representing the centerline of levee-like features that appear to protect against flooding, 2) protected lands polygons representing parcels located behind levee line features, and 3) special district polygons representing historic and active districts for diking, drainage, or other forms of hydro-modification. The total number of features in the compilation is 6,431 levee lines, 5,352 protected lands polygons, and 69 special districts polygons, covering major agricultural and urban areas in Oregon.

Levee inventory project areas in DOGAMI Open-File Report O-17-02


Geodatabase is Esri® version 10.2 format.
Metadata is embedded in the geodatabase and is also provided as separate .xml formatted files.


feature classes:

metadata in .xml file format:

Compiled and new data in the geodatabase:

Levee features

Protected lands features

Special districts features