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Open-File Report O-19-02, Resilience guidance for Oregon hospitals,
by Yumei Wang and Kyra L. Nourse; 6 p. report, 3 CREW guidance documents.


Most hospital buildings in Oregon were constructed prior to any knowledge of the risk of a magnitude 9 Cascadia earthquake and tsunami and before significant seismic building code provisions were enacted in the mid-1990s. Oregon’s coastal hospitals are especially vulnerable due to their proximity to the Cascadia subduction zone. Seismic vulnerability is increased by poor construction as a result of inadequate building codes and by long-term disruptions of emergency fuel and water supplies likely to follow a major earthquake. Given current conditions, post-earthquake operations are expected to be severely impacted, which will limit the ability of hospitals to provide healthcare services to their communities.

As part of the Coastal Hospital Resilience Project, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) Healthcare Preparedness Program (HPP) regional liaisons and the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) are partnering with the 11 hospitals along the Oregon coast to engage in disaster preparedness planning. Leadership at all 11 coastal hospitals are committed to preparing to be able to provide healthcare services immediately after a Cascadia earthquake and tsunami. Preparing for Cascadia earthquakes will also help with preparing for other types of disasters, such as winter storms and human-caused disasters.

Hospital decision makers, including leadership, facility managers, emergency planners and other personnel, require practical scientific information and technical guidance on Cascadia disaster preparedness. This report, which is part of the Coastal Hospital Resilience Project, includes three guidance documents designed to assist hospitals personnel in their preparedness efforts.

CREW Guidance Documents

The guidance documents provide basic information on the importance of preparing hospitals by addressing issues related to building structures and the power and water services required to operate the hospital. They are designed to be easy to understand, promote resilience action planning, and point to detailed reference documents.

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