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Open-File Report O-20-02, Oregon Coastal Hospital Resilience Project,
by Yumei Wang and Jon J. Franczyk; 26 p. report, 9 maps, various scales.


From the report's executive summary:

This publication is intended to help hospitals with their efforts toward building disaster resilience.

The Oregon Coastal Hospital Resilience Project is a partnership among the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI), Oregon Health Authority (OHA) Health Security, Preparedness and Response (HSPR) including the HSPR Healthcare Preparedness Program (HPP) regional liaisons, and the eleven hospitals along the Oregon coast. The goal of the project is to help hospitals better prepare for a magnitude 9 Cascadia subduction zone earthquake and tsunami.

This report includes 1) information on previous work completed as part of the Coastal Hospital Resilience Project, 2) the project’s seven key messages including examples of recent resilience activities, 3) Triple 3 Resilience Target response and recovery goals for a Cascadia earthquake and tsunami, 4) a “coastal island” map, which shows expected post-Cascadia earthquake geographic boundaries due to impassable U.S. Highway 101 bridges, 5) hospital resilience planning maps for the eight central and south coast hospitals and a discussion of map uses, and 6) and recommendations for future work, including strengthening partnerships and coastal transportation planning for response and recovery.

The components of this report are meant to raise community awareness of impacts to water and power systems for the hospitals among other activities. Hospital personnel can continue to work with community partners including water districts, electricity providers, fuel suppliers, county emergency managers, and many others to build disaster resilience.

Resilience Planning Maps, from north to south

Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital, Lincoln City, regional map, 32 x 50 inches (137 MB PDF)


Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital, Newport, regional map, 32 x 40 inches (115 MB PDF)


Peace Harbor Hospital, Florence, regional map, 40 x 36 inches (22 MB PDF)


Lower Umpqua Hospital, Reedsport, regional map, 44 x 28 inches (77 MB PDF)


Bay Area Hospital, Coos Bay, regional map, 50 x 30 inches (188 MB PDF)


Coquille Valley Hospital, Coquille, regional map, 38 x 20 inches (18 MB PDF)


Southern Coos Hospital, Bandon, regional map, 36 x 38 inches (87 MB PDF)


Curry General Hospital, Gold Beach, regional map, 40 x 30 inches (17 MB PDF)


Curry General Hospital, Gold Beach, site map, 30 x 22 inches (6 MB PDF)