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Open-File Report O-21-09, Landslide inventory of portions of northwest Douglas County, Oregon
by  William J. Burn s, Heather H. Herinckx, Justin Mc Carley, Carlie J.M. Azzopardi, and Nancy C. Calhoun; Esri geodatabase with internal metadata, external metadata in .xml format, 3 map plates (in both print and onscreen resolutions), scale 1:20,000.

DOGAMI partnered with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to better understand landslide hazards on Coos Bay District BLM land within the study area. The landslide inventory is intended to provide users with basic information regarding landslides within the study area. The geologic, terrain, and climatic conditions that led to landslides in the past may provide clues to the locations and conditions of future landslides, and it is intended that this inventory will provide useful information to develop regional landslide susceptibility maps, to guide site-specific investigations for future developments, and to assist in regional planning and mitigation of existing landslides.

Download complete publication including GIS data ( 27.7MB .zip file)


MapDescription automatically generated


Geodatabase is EsriŽ version 10.5 format.
Metadata is embedded in the geodatabase and is also provided as separate .xml formatted files.

North_Central_Douglas_County_Landslide Inventory.gdb:

Feature datasets:





Embedded in geodatabase and as external metadata in .xml file format:


PLATES (linked PDFs are low-resolution onscreen PDFs; download the full publication for high-resolution plate PDFs)

Plate 1 Landslide Inventory Map of the Dean Creek-Umpqua River Watershed, Douglas County, Oregon,


Plate 2, Landslide Inventory Map of the West Fork Smith River Watershed, Douglas County, Oregon.


Plate 3,Landslide Inventory Map of the Paradise Creek and Lutsinger Creek Watersheds, Douglas County, Oregon.