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Special Paper 44, Coastal Flood Insurance Study, Coos County, Oregon, by Jonathan C. Allan, Peter Ruggiero, and Jed T. Roberts.

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127-page PDF-format report.

Special Paper 44 describes the approach used to define new FEMA 100-year coastal flood hazard zones along the Coos County coast in order to provide updated Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (DFIRM), which are used for mitigation planning, risk analysis, and disaster response at local, state, and federal levels.

The report fully describes the overall methodology, the input hydraulic conditions, and topographic information acquired and developed by DOGAMI to define and map detailed coastal flood hazard studies for the Bandon shoreline, Bastendorff Beach, and Lighthouse Beach, located on the Coos County coast. These analyses included assessments of the 1% annual probability, or 100-year, wave runup and still water levels (combined they reflect the 1% total water level) associated with an extreme storm wave event to help determine the degree of coastal flood risk along those shores. Aside from those two areas, DOGAMI developed revised velocity ("V") zones for the remainder of the county shoreline.