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Special Paper 45, Protocol for Shallow-Landslide Susceptibility Mapping, by William J. Burns, Ian P. Madin, and Katherine A. Mickelson.

Download publication (104 MB .zip file)

SP-45 includes:

1. SP_45 folder contains the 32-p. report:
   - SP-45_print.pdf, format suitable for high-quality printing
   - SP-45_onscreen.pdf, format suitable for onscreen viewing
   - Appendix-A folder: Factor of Safety values table in Excel and PDF formats and Plate 2 of DOGAMI Open-File Report O-12-05, Regional Landslide Hazard Maps of the City of Silverton, Marion County, Oregon. Plate 2 included to provide an example of shallow-landslide susceptibility mapping.

2. SP-42 folder: DOGAMI Special Paper 42, Protocol for Inventory Mapping of Landslide Deposits from Light Detection and Ranging (Lidar) Imagery, by William J. Burns and Ian P. Madin. The SP-42 file set consists of:
   a. Text report (print and onscreen versions), 30 p.
   b. "geodatabase_template" folder:
      - Landslide_Inventory_Template-ArcInfo.gdb - includes relationship classes between the feature classes
      - Landslide_Inventory_Template-ArcView.gdb
      - sr_Toolbox.tbx - additional tools: Find Unmatched Features and Unjoin Layers
   c. Readme.txt file

Example of shallow-landslide susceptibility map based on SP-45 protocol (Plate 2 from Open-File Report O-12-05):

O-12-05, shallow-landslide susceptibility mapping