Tsunamis: Know What To Do!

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Find out if your home or your school is in a tsunami evacuation zone.

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Watch animations on how tsunamis occur.

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The Extraordinary Voyage of Kamome: A Tsunami Boat Comes Home

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This bilingual Japanese-English children's book tells the true story of a boat owned by a Rikuzentakata, Japan high school that floated to Crescent City, California after the March 2011 tsunami. Crescent City High School students cleaned the boat helped return it to the Rikuzentakata school.


Tsunami Strike! Pacific Edition

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Tsunami Strike! Pacific Edition is a scenario-based learning experience for kids from middle school through high school (approximate ages 13-17). The scenario tells the story of four main characters at different locations in the Pacific basin who are each impacted by a major tsunami that originates in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands. Over the course of the story, learners not only view the unfolding events and how each of the characters responds, but also observe how warning scientists analyze and communicate the tsunami threat. Fourteen short lessons provide interactive instruction focused on the science, safety, and history of tsunamis.

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