Inundation Maps & Reports

When planning evacuation routes and destinations, check with local officials for guidance. In general, one should go to the least hazardous site on the map (a noncolored area or the coolest color) by the shortest route after making sure that the route is not compromised by other earthquake hazards such as liquefaction or earthquake-induced landslides. Bridges may fail in the event of an earthquake. Consult with transportation authorities about the seismic stability of bridges used for evacuation. Note that large waves continue to arrive for several hours after the initial wave.

DOGAMI Tsunami Inundation Maps (TIM series; see TIM map publication overview leaving OregonTsunami site) publications incorporate all the best tsunami science available today, including recent publications by colleagues studying the Cascadia Subduction Zone, updated computer simulation models using high-resolution lidar topographic data, and knowledge gained from the 2004 Sumatra, 2010 Chile, and 2011 Tōhoku earthquakes and tsunamis.


TIM style inundation maps (TIM series overview)

Clatsop County (from north to south)

Clatsop Spit TIM-Clat-01. Map date 6/5/13. Preview/Download
Warrenton North TIM-Clat-02. Map date 6/6/13. Preview/Download
Warrenton South - Rilea TIM-Clat-03. Map date 6/10/13. Preview/Download
Astoria TIM-Clat-04. Map date 6/3/13. Preview/Download
Youngs River North TIM-Clat-05. Map date 6/7/13. Preview
Youngs River South TIM-Clat-06. Map date 6/4/13. Preview/Download
Del Rey Beach TIM-Clat-07. Map date 6/11/13. Preview/Download
Gearhart -Seaside TIM-Clat-08. Map date 6/11/13. Preview/Download
Cannon Beach TIM-Clat-09. Map date 6/11/13. Preview/Download
Arch Cape - Falcon Cove TIM-Clat-10. Map date 6/14/13. Preview/Download

Coos County (from north to south)

Lakeside West TIM-Coos-01. Map date 12/18/12. Preview/Download
Lakeside East TIM-Coos-02. Map date 12/18/12. Preview/Download
Saunders Lake TIM-Coos-03. Map date 21/18/12. Preview/Download
Haynes Inlet TIM-Coos-04. Map date 7/17/12. Preview/Download
Coos Bay - North Bend TIM-Coos-05. Map date 7/15/12. Preview
Coos River North TIM-Coos-06. Map date 7/19/12. Preview/Download
Coos River South TIM-Coos-07. Map date 7/19/12. Preview/Download
Charleston – Cape Arago TIM-Coos-08. Map date 7/17/12. Preview/Download
Barview – South Slough TIM-Coos-09. Map date 7/17/12. Preview/Download
Isthmus Slough TIM-Coos-10. Map date 7/12/12. Preview/Download
Catching Slough TIM-Coos-11. Map date 7/12/12. Preview/Download
Bullards Beach TIM-Coos-12. Map date 9/10/12. Preview/Download
Leneve TIM-Coos-13. Map date 9/10/12. Preview/Download
Coquille TIM-Coos-14. Map date 9/10/12. Preview/Download
Coquille River TIM-Coos-15. Map date 9/11/12. Preview/Download


TIM-Coos-16. Map date 9/12/12. Preview/Download
New River TIM-Coos-17. Map date 9/12/12. Preview/Download

Curry County (from north to south)

Langlois TIM-Curr-01. Map date 9/13/12. Preview/Download
Cape Blanco TIM-Curr-02. Map date 9/12/12. Preview
Denmark TIM-Curr-03. Map date 9/12/12. Preview/Download
Port Orford TIM-Curr-04. Map date 10/5/12. Preview/Download
Humbug Mountain TIM-Curr-05. Map date 9/13/12. Preview/Download
Sisters Mountain TIM-Curr-06. Map date 11/02/12. Preview/Download
Nesika Beach TIM-Curr-07. Map date 11/02/12. Preview/Download
North Rogue River TIM-Curr-08. Map date 11/02/12. Preview/Download
Gold Beach TIM-Curr-09. Map date 11/02/12. Preview/Download
Cape Sebastian TIM-Curr-10. Map date 11/02/12. Preview/Download
Pistol River TIM-Curr-11. Map date 11/08/12. Preview/Download
Carpenterville TIM-Curr-12. Map date 11/08/12. Preview/Download
Harris Beach TIM-Curr-13. Map date 11/08/12. Preview/Download
Chetco River TIM-Curr-14. Map date 11/08/12. Preview/Download
Winchuck River TIM-Curr-15. Map date 11/08/12. Preview/Download
Brookings TIM-Curr-16. Map date 11/08/12. Preview/Download

Douglas County (from north to south)

Siltcoos Lake TIM-Doug-01. Map date 5/02/13. Preview/Download
Tahkenitch Lake TIM-Doug-02. Map date 4/25/13. Preview/Download
Gardiner TIM-Doug-03. Map date 2/13/13. Preview/Download
Reedsport TIM-Doug-04. Map date 2/11/13. Preview/Download
East Gardiner TIM-Doug-05. Map date 2/13/13. Preview/Download
Umpqua River West TIM-Doug-06. Map date 4/29/13. Preview/Download
Sulphur Springs TIM-Doug-07. Map date 5/02/13. Preview/Download
Umpqua River East TIM-Doug-08. Map date 4/25/13. Preview/Download
Clear Lake TIM-Doug-09. Map date 4/16/13. Preview/Download

Lane County (from north to south)

Neptune TIM-Lane-01. Map date 3/4/13. Preview/Download
Heceta Head TIM-Lane-02. Map date 2/24/13. Preview/Download
Mercer Lake TIM-Lane-03. Map date 2/25/13. Preview/Download
Florence TIM-Lane-04. Map date 2/11/13. Preview/Download
Cushman - Wendson TIM-Lane-05. Map date 3/4/13. Preview/Download
Tiernan - Mapleton TIM-Lane-06. Map date 3/4/13. Preview/Download
Dunes City TIM-Lane-07. Map date 2/11/13. Preview/Download
Siltcoos Lake TIM-Lane-08. Map date 2/25/13. Preview/Download

Lincoln County (from north to south)

Lincoln City North TIM-Linc-01. Map date 1/11/13. Preview/Download
Lincoln City South TIM-Linc-02. Map date 1/11/13. Preview/Download
Gleneden Beach - Siletz River

TIM-Linc-03. Map date 2/11/13. Preview

Depoe Bay TIM-Linc-04. Map date 1/23/13. Preview/Download
Otter Rock - Beverly Beach TIM-Linc-05. Map date 1/30/13. Preview/Download
Newport North TIM-Linc-06. Map date 1/11/13. Preview/Download
Newport South TIM-Linc-07. Map date 1/11/13. Preview/Download
Toledo TIM-Linc-08. Map date 1/10/13. Preview/Download
Yaquina River TIM-Linc-09. Map date 1/30/13. Preview/Download
Seal Rock

TIM-Linc-10. Map date 3/1/13. Preview

Driftwood Beach TIM-Linc-11. Map date 2/11/13. Preview/Download
Waldport TIM-Linc-12. Map date 1/11/13. Preview/Download
Tidewater TIM-Linc-13. Map date 1/31/13. Preview/Download
Ocean Shores TIM-Linc-14. Map date 1/31/13. Preview/Download
Yachats TIM-Linc-15. Map date 2/11/13. Preview/Download

Tillamook County (from north to south)

Arch Cape – Falcon Cove TIM-Till-01. Map date 6/17/13 (supersedes 7/19/12 map). Preview/Download
Manzanita - Nehalem TIM-Till-02. Map date 7/12/12. Preview/Download
Nehalem East TIM-Till-03. Map date 7/12/12. Preview/Download
Rockaway Beach TIM-Till-04. Map date 7/12/12. Preview/Download
Garibaldi - Bay City TIM-Till-05. Map date 7/13/12. Preview/Download
Tillamook North TIM-Till-06. Map date 7/12/12. Preview/Download
Tillamook South TIM-Till-07. Map date 7/12/12. Preview/Download
Cape Meares TIM-Till-08. Map date 7/13/12. Preview/Download
Netarts - Oceanside TIM-Till-09. Map date 7/13/12. Preview/Download
Cape Lookout TIM-Till-10. Map date 7/12/12. Preview/Download
Sand Lake TIM-Till-11. Map date 7/17/12. Preview/Download
Pacific City TIM-Till-12. Map date 7/17/12. Preview/Download
Nestucca Bay TIM-Till-13. Map date 7/16/12. Preview/Download
Neskowin TIM-Till-14. Map date 7/12/12. Preview/Download

Older style (pre-TIM series) inundation maps

Bandon Simulating tsunami inundation at Bandon, Coos County, Oregon, using hypothetical Cascadia and Alaska earthquake scenarios, SP-43, 2011, by Robert C. Witter, Yinglong Zhang, Kelin Wang, George R. Priest, Chris Goldfinger, Laura L. Stimely, John T. English, and Paul A. Ferro, 2011. Includes 57-p. report, map plates, GIS and data files, and animations. Preview
Cannon Beach IMS-25Tsunami hazard assessment of the northern Oregon coast: A multi-deterministic approach tested at Cannon Beach, Clatsop County, Oregon, SP-41, 2009, by George R. Priest, Chris Goldfinger, Kelin Wang, Robert C. Witter, Yinglong Zhang, and Antonio M. Baptista, 87 p. plus 7 p. appendix. Includes report, GIS set, time histories, and animations. .zip publication bundle
Florence-Siuslaw River IMS-25Tsunami hazard map of the Florence-Siuslaw River area, Lane County, Oregon, IMS-25, 2007, by George R. Priest, Arun Chawla, and Jonathan C. Allan, 42 p., 1:20,000. Preview
Alsea (Waldport) IMS-23Tsunami hazard map of the Alsea Bay (Waldport area), Lincoln County, Oregon, IMS-23, 2003, by George R. Priest, Arun Chawla, and Jonathan C. Allan, 27 p., 1:24,000. Preview
Gold Beach IMS-13Tsunami hazard map of the Gold Beach area, Curry County, Oregon, IMS-13, 2000, by George R. Priest, Edward P. Myers III, Antonio M. Baptista, and Robert A. Kamphaus, 3 p., 1:12,000. .zip publication bundle
Warrenton IMS-12Tsunami hazard map of the Warrenton area, Clatsop County, Oregon, IMS-12, 1999, by George R. Priest, Edward P. Myrs III, Antonio M. Baptista, and Robert A. Kamphaus, 5 p., 1:24,000. Preview
Astoria IMS-11Tsunami hazard map of the Astoria area, Clatsop County, Oregon, IMS-11, 1999, by George R. Priest, Edward P. Myers III, Antonio M. Baptista, Garnet Erdakos, and Robert A. Kamphaus, 4 p., 1:24,000. Preview
Seaside-Gearhart Tsunami hazard map of the Seaside-Gearhart area, Clatsop County, Oregon, IMS-3, 1998, by George R. Priest, Edward P. Myers III, Antonio M. Baptista, Robert A. Kamphaus, Brooke K. Fiedorowicz, Curt D. Peterson, and Thomas S. Horning, 1:12,000. Preview
Yaquina Bay IMS-2 mapTsunami hazard map of the Yaquina Bay area, Lincoln County, Oregon, IMS-2, 1997, by George R. Priest, Edward P. Myers III, Antonio M. Baptista, Robert A. Kamphaus, Curt D. Peterson, and Mark E. Darienzo, 1:12,000. Preview
Siletz Bay GMS-99Tsunami hazard map of Siletz Bay area, Lincoln County, Oregon, GMS-99, 1995, by George R. Priest, Ming Q., Antonio M. Baptista, and Curt D. Peterson, 1:12,000. Preview
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